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To purchase Total from, click the button below. Whole - Reactive multipurpose WordPress theme from WExplorer Totally is a contemporary and highly reactive WordPress theme that blends the capabilities of WordPress Customizer and Visual Composer Page builder to help you build a website for practically anything. It has been designed with many different niche and professional backgrounds in mind-businesses, small businesses, web shops, attorneys, agents, wedding designers, hosters, non-profit organizations, blogs, and more.

We made sure there were enough functions and preferences so you could build just about any website! Take a look at our expanding demo collection to see what's possible with the Total Premier WordPress theme. It'?s The Freelancer's Dream Theme: When you are a contractor, you will particularly appreciate the use of the Total theme.

The times are long gone when you had to look for a new topic for each customer. As soon as you become acquainted with Total, you will want to use it on all your customer pages to make things simpler and quicker! Now you can begin by bringing in one of our great looking on-line demonstrations and tailoring it to your customers' needs, or you can just redesign the site from the ground up by using Page Builder to add your page contents and customize your designs and key theme preferences using our dedicated WebPressustomizer.

Simply take a look at some of our industry-specific home page samples to see what kind of Total Magics is capable of. WooCommerce offers great WooCommerce integrations and limited portfolio options. And at a cost below that of a petrol fuel tank, there's no need not get Total today and begin to build your new website!

Infinite number of user-defined pages: WorldPress page styles are nice...but if you need to begin to edit things for your customer or your own needs, you need to use coding. Not with Total. You can use the Visual Composer Page builder provided to quickly and easily design your own page layout for each of your pages to delight your customers and/or traffic.

Integrated Demonstration Importer: With the integrated Demonstration Importer, all our online demonstrations include contents, theme preferences, Widgets and faders to get you up and running quickly. Trying out the demonstration importers, we found that most demonstrations can be imported in less than 1 second! That means if you start from zero (empty Wordpress page), you can quickly reproduce any of our online demonstration pages so you can optimize them for yourself or your customer.

If you are going to create a demonstration, you can choose to just choose to bring in the sample data (with or without the pictures from the site ), the customizer options, the widgets or the slider controls, or everything. Imparting a real-time demonstration is a good way to get a sense of how the theme works, or give you a competitive edge in the process if you already like the look and feel. What's more, you can also get a preview of the theme in a single step.

Total WP theme contains over 40 one-of-a-kind and exclusively Visual Composer Page Builder Module that make your website setup even simpler! Among them are separator points, css-leader ( for menue points), annotated text, symbol cases, taser case, listing elements, price table, milestone, social link, navigator toolbar, seek toolbar, registration forms, mailchimp forms, galery sliders, picture sliders, picture carousels, current messages, blogs grids, portfoliogrid, employee grids, testimonial grids, testimonial sliders....and more!

Totally has everything you need to make great page layout for your website. Customize the customizer setting live: We wanted to make things right with Total, so we threw away the old theme preference window in the WP Administrator, which is usually difficult to work with, adding a lots of additional bloating to your website and you can't even see your changes alive while you change them.

Total lets you quickly customize your theme preferences and see them changing before your eye! In this way you can store your design preferences (e.g. all colours of your website) as soon as you are happy with the result. Providing you with an entire Page builder to create customized page designs and not allowing you to customize the color and appearance of your major themes would not be right.

When you want a very thin website, just change your preferences to make the master tray smaller (default is 980px) and when you want a really big website, change your preferences to make it bigger. Total WordPress allows you to select between a full-width or box layouts for your primary site theme.

Headers Style & Builders: Total WordPress would not be exhaustive if there were no possibility to select between different headings. In addition, the customizer allows you to change various preferences for your headers very simply, such as the user-defined logotype, color of menus, logotype and menubarography, contents of the top panel and soft symbols, choice between different theme menus and much more.

If you want very basic page markers or sophisticated page markers, just go to the Page Composer where you can choose a page you have created with the Visual Composer Page Builder as your page marker - wow, fantastic! theme (the theme also contains a footing line constructor function). Rapid Fluid/Reaction Design: Overall theme is a fluent lay-out by default, so you reduce the viewports (browser size), the design is adjusted so that all your contents remain viewable and nice.

As you work in WordPress Customizer and Word Page Builder, you can also click on small devices to see what your website will look like in these screens - great! User-defined posting styles User interface Full support: Total WordPress theme also contains full functionality for the Custom Mail Type UI plugin to add new mail type to your website.

By adding a new contribution types, you will find user-defined preferences tailored to the overall theme to choose your Library Layouts column (1,2,3,4,5), you can create a user-defined side bar tailored to that particular style, activate the extended page setting box, choose the item (s) displayed on the entry (Featured Images, Titles, Metas, Contents, Readmore), choose the item (s) displayed on the page (Featured Images/Video, Titles, Metas, Contents, Comments), choose the item (s) displayed on the page (s) displayed on the page (s).

: Are you afraid to buy another inflated subject? There' with Total, there's nothing to be afraid of! We' ve encoded our theme to be simple to use and simple to use. Administer your topic functions with a click on a pushbutton in the topic area. Allows you to customize your substructure page, plugin notification recommendation, Java Script reduction, customized style sheet, customized animation, favicons, header builder, footer builder, total number of customized VC module, customized mail type (portfolio, employees, testimonials), mail merge, customized logon page, customized 404 page, customized page, customized page builder management, customized WordPress page builder, customized widge areas, categories thumbnails, customized edit styles, customized WordPress page builder, customized widge areas, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized editor styles, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views, customized widge views.

This means that all of the theme's advanced functions can be turned on or off, so you don't have to download anything you don't need for your website. Total Premier Theme has been rigorously tried with tonnes of favorite third-party plug-ins and even contains user-defined coding required for full interoperability.

Several of these plugs contain, but are not restricted to: wooCommerce (online shop), WordPress by Yoast, The SEO Events Calendar (also known as Tribe Events), WPML, Polylang, JetPack, Slider Revolution (included for free ), LayerSlider (included for free ), Visual Composer (included for free )....and many more! Creator friendly: Total is a very robust and completely redesigned platform.

Anything added fulfills its function and can be tampered with using theme checkmarks and/or filtering. With so many WordPress topics encoded, it's very hard for designers to really make their designs customizable using user-defined coding. Whilst you can build a fantastic website with the Total theme without ever having to touch anything, some folks really like to have the capability to make sophisticated changes, and the Total theme has been encoded with that thought.

Use theme hook to append or subtract parts of the theme, use filter to customize the theme's standard features, or even expand the provided user-defined metabox features (add your own user-defined fields). Also, we have developed many plug-ins for Total Theme clients, as user need features that are best kept outside the theme-kernel.

Total was encoded with a view to AEO. First of all, this top of the line theme is well optimised to run fast on a good web site (we have seen load time of only 0.2 seconds). Design is based on symmetric and current HTML5 coding. And, of course, it fully endorses the very much loved Yoast wordpress SOE plug-in.

There are more functions than you can imagine: We have tried to integrate many functions to make Total the most agile WordPress theme on the web (and many of our clients will say it is). Just couldn't discuss all these functions here on the theme page, so take a look at our landing page, which really does explain all the different theme functions and builders that are available in the theme.

Oh...and keep an eye out - we will add even more useful feature, functionality, builder module and optimization as you (the customer) wish. Humans just adore the topic Total WordPress. Total WordPress theme and all other topics contain premier and update supports by the theme designer (AJ Clarke) and the WPExplorer team.

Totally is one of the few top sell topics that actually contains immediate development assistance! Our technical assistance covers the following points: The Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin is free! Translations included: Total PO file contains various translated.po/. mo file that can make it easy to use the website in your own languages.

The pictures used in our demonstrations are contained in the demonstration file, so you will get them when trying to get a particular demonstration. Demonstration of the complete topic of the basis: It is a complete example of all the miraculous things Total can do. Featuring over 30 home pages, tonnes of product layout portfolios, sample service pages, various blogs sizes, employee pages, endorsements and more, Base provides most of the key functionality you'll find in Total.

The Samus Modern Business: Watch this demonstration to see how you can use Total for your company or your agent. Featuring a customized home page, service area, folder or work, staff, price page, blogs and even a dating page, this demonstration has everything you need for a great website. Samus Total's Font Awesome also uses Samus Total's Awesome Font Integrator, user-defined colour choices, page layouts and Page Builder's own set of features to really make you stand out.

Professional Nouveau Photography Portfolio: Featuring a minimum homepage, a basic service offering as well as easy pages for service providers and employees, this theme is a ready-made model for many different occupations. Include a feature page, a storefront for your media coverage, real-life customer ratings and more with this stunning, refreshing and daring look.

Customize the creative web designer portfolio: Adapt Total Theme Demo uses the built-in features of Adapt Total's product range, which includes customized mail types, icons, gallery slider, tour and compatible with the beloved Kontakt Form 7 plug-in to deliver a unique webpage. Agents are in the field: Make a website for your company, show your prices and bundles, show your work and even resell your own supportive product or service with full WooCommerce e-commerce full featured in the theme.

Total Agent is a good starting point for any expanding company. Coporate WordPress Web Demo: A fast-reacting demonstration for commercial websites. Ideal for headhunters, strategic thinkers, strategic analysts, acquisitions firms, management consultancies, and more. Decignr Bold printed individual page web design: Decignr is a one-page website designed with scrolling localization, specifically designed for freelance and creatives.

Designed to provide pop-ups of reds to help identify important words and paragraphs (e.g., subscribe to newsletters). Delicious One Page Cafe Restaurant Demo: Café is a one-sided grocery demonstration that uses Revolution sliders to make a brave statement, with a full-screen slide at the top of the page.

The full width page layouts include About, Menü, Food Galerie and even Yelp section. It is a fast and tasty way to create a website for your café, delicatessen, pop-up shop or even a grocery tote. It is a demonstration of a neat brickwork blogs. Advanced agency web designing demo: Total Modern Agency's web designer and agency web demonstration shows how web designers and agents can present their work and businesses on-line.

Plenty of whitespace will help pictures appear on portfolios pages, and the uniquely designed contacts page is great for collecting lead information. Create a nice one-page website with scrolling locally for your company using the Paris templates. The demo uses wallpapers, price charts, annotated milestones, client votes, logos and more.

It is a totally professionally way to show your customers what your company is all about. Minimal Personal Portfolio: Present your daily creation with an on-line personal portfolios. Tinyfolio is a clear and easy to use vinyl raster with a light grey backdrop that' great for displaying your photos or even your video.

Create a neat and easy website for your web site or web developer with our Webdevelopers demonstration. You will find categories for About, Service and a testimonial merry-go-round on the neat homepage. In contrast to many other topics, Total not only supports TotalPress, but also contains the style for this beloved board plug-in. Create your own on-line communities or let your clients ask your own question and get help with eBook Flat Single Page:

The light and slim single-sided look is an excellent way to advertise your e-book or other digitally produced products. Finding your customer for your business using the Total Software Development Program. It is a multipage web site designed with the Page Builder provided. Using page segments added for price charts, custom toolbars, employee grids with softwares, alternate case histories, and of course a full blogs, you can create an amazing website to amaze your audience.

The James Personally Boxed Portfolios: The best way to present your styling capabilities is a website. The James demonstration is a great example of how you can build a custom box laid folder for your website with a breathtaking homepage and a Total theme blogs. Folio Elegant Portfolio: If you like box designs, you will like Folio for your own private or business use.

If you uselider Revolution to include a videoslider on your homepage, and include the Page Builders items such as picture carousels or grids, you can also make a nice folder for your work. A cleaner old-fashioned business: With Total you can make a professionally and traditionally designed website for your company with our Cleaner demonstration.

Get a clear homepage look with functions, a welcome movie, and a call out to make a familiar look and feel. Added Plus pages for Service, Directory, Blog und Contacts make sure that you as a client can find all the information you need. Let the interviewer check your skills after going through the Total Graphic CV and CSV demonstration.

Include qualification strips, training and professional background, your profile, a copy of your CV to download and even a way to get in touch with everyone on this particular page. Improve the bottom line for your small company with a website. Total Landscaping uses built-in theme functions for utilities, test stories, softwares, community link, user-defined menu, and more to build pixel-perfect web designs.

Demonstration of sustainability charitable eco-events: Totally is compliant with the free Event Diary and the Pro Event Diary with which the Sustainability Demos displays its event diary. This, along with a user-defined homepage, page and blogs make Sustainable an outstanding choice for any charitable, non-profit or fund-raising website.

Total lets you create anything - even a blogsheet. You can use the Builders to include a feature post slide bar and a raster of recent postings on your home page, and then include an overlay or contacts page to complement your site. Stylish Impressing Corporate Design: is an Old Schools Biz Identity Design that is perfectly suited to easily and quickly include all your biz information on-line.

With Total's customisable sliders, callout, icon box, folder, staff, price table and more features, Classy provides a convenient web interface for any business. You can find all this and more in the Total Structure demonstration, which provides a great basis to create your perfectly service-oriented website literal.

Freelance One Page Web Design: Fremelancer provides a one-page web site layout with scrolling locally and full-surface panels that make an impression. Include promotional video, service, social linking (or in this case a dribble linkage ), testimonial sliders and of course a very handy contacts section via Contacts7.

Elegant interior design: Easy Space Demos is a great way to demonstrate your creative capabilities. Create your info page, create a gallery of your finished work, upload your own client ratings, post your references in the media and include a magazine with thoughts or style-suggestions. Links Links Navigation Artistic Portfolio:

Lefty designing is a minimum way to present your creations from the live environment and give your investor or customer a way to find you in public relations or via e-mail. Create a website for your medical supply, medical supply, emergency supply, emergency supply, chemist's, birth house, food, clinical service, hospitals, hospice, physiotherapy, counselling or other companies in the medical sector.

Building almost everything with Total's customized Visual Composer Page Builder items, WooCommerce Store Catalog and fully customized designs. Create a website to connect to your Apple Apple Store or Google Play Store application - like this easy page we built with Total image, video, button and callout choices.

Nomin is a light and minimalist styling for any grocery store that uses Total's enhanced options for blogging pictures, prescriptions, video logs, gallery and more! Zoological ecology and zoological shop: And if you like light colour tops, brave layout and imaginative use of pictures, the Zoo Demonstration is full of original designs that are right in your alleyway.

Designed for a zipoo, stroking zipoo, wildlife sanctuary or educational institution, parking garage, skatepark or even a streetcrawl. Low and minimal retail space: Apartment Total Demos is perfectly suited for any company or organization to develop their website. Easily customize the sliders, adding your latest work to your portfolio, and creating customized summary or services pages.

Plus, since Total is fully WooCommerce compliant, you are selling your own product and service directly from your own WordPress website. Attorneys -, accountancy- and lawyer's offices need professionals web sites and the Total Law Firm demonstration is just that. Use Total's many milestone and feature box choices, employee pages and screens, a blogs (to split right wing advice and news), and limitless colour choices to build a website that will bring out the best in your company.

Matrimonial Unilateral marriage design: Getting married is an important date, which is why you should create your own website instead of using a free one. Demonstration includes scrolling bar with full image section for offer history, date, event plan, accommodation, commitment photogallery, registration and registration and RSS Feed registration forms.

This one-sided fundraising campaign to raise awareness of the issue of breast cancers is an example of how you can create a page to land on your behalf. Create a blogs that matches your YouTube website. Total Stentistry website redesign is a great way to get started with your own stomatology, personal dental office, OBGYN, pediatrics or other healthcare websites.

Easily customize your own processes or deliverables, set up a page for new patients to fill out, split employee biographies, and even plug in a personal organizer. Use the Paddy's Total demonstration to make a leaflet or split page for your forthcoming St. Patrick's Day events. Use the Cinco demonstration to produce a greased page for your presentation.

Featuring full-screen areas for events, features, menu, contacts, and more, this eating and drinking demonstration is a great way to get started. Take advantage of Total's comprehensive colour and fonts capabilities to really make the demonstration your own! However, you can see all the theme demonstrations and find out more at

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