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In our handy Total WordPress Theme Review, you'll find out if it's the right choice for you. Best Multipurpose Visual Composer WordPress Theme for Visual Composer Created by a very well-known and trusted site in the WordPress Sector. Customise various facets of this theme using the WordPress Customiser built-in features. Regular topic upgrades make sure that the topic uses the latest features and fixes errors.

On-line documents facilitate learning how to use the topic and provide sophisticated tutorials for development engineers.

The following is a listing of the most important functions that are associated with the overall topic. Totally is fully reactive regardless of how you choose to design your pages. Includes over 50 moduls that you can add to your posts/pages so you can make stunning designs. More and more with upgrades!

It includes an all-in-one, full-featured theme pane with the WordPress customization program so you can modify everything - color, width of containers, crop images, and more. User-defined mail type for portfolio, testimonial s and employees makes it simple to append and maintain assets. You' gonna adore the infinite options with Total. contains the .

Memo attachments and a translateable subject field make it simple to use Total in your own or in several different programming languages. What's more, you can use Total in your own native tongue. We have carefully reviewed all the features used in Total to ensure that they can be readily expanded to include sub-themes. Integrated WooCommerce technical assistance allows you to resell your product on your website.

During the development of Total we only used semantically correct HTML and header tagging. The design is encoded with the latest version of CSS3. FontAwesome total supports FontAwesome icon, so you can easily create 470+ continuously scaleable icon to any contribution or page! Totally includes thematic skin that you can quickly choose on the Look and Feel page to modify the look of your website.

We took the trouble not only to fully documented all the important facets of the topic, but also went further to give you some useful development twos and clippings. Totally encoded with a view to SOE and it is fully compliant with the fantastic WordPress SOEO plug-in from Yoast.

You know, there' a lot of excitement about Total among us. Look at that. When there is such a thing as a flawless theme, Total is about as near as I've ever seen. Adaptable and simple to use, yet sufficiently versatile for experienced programmers to really make it their own. For all the above reason, this topic merits a 5-star star!

It' s coding power, adaptability, styling power, client service, agility, functionality and document integrity. It'?s the best subject I ever worked on. Distinguished technical service, distinguished products. Bring your WordPress site set-up in no Time at all with this theme.

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