Transfer Domain to Zoho

Domain transfer to Zoho

See the step-by-step instructions on how to map an existing domain to Zoho sites. Assigning your domain to a third-party web hosting provider Describes the general procedure for assigning a domain to a third-party Web hosting provider. Usually, to assign your domain to another web hosting, you need to do one of the following: Specify user-defined resources recordings to one or more value (s) provided by your web hosting. Configure the name server of your domain to match the value provided by your Web hosting.

In order to find out which options you should use, and to get the unique settings you need to input, contact your webmaster. You may need to specify a particular kind of user-defined asset entry, such as an A or CNAME entry, based on your webhosts. Find out more about how to add and edit asset data sets.

Perform these operations to specify user-defined resources records: Please click in the menu on the right on My Areas. Go to the Domain Name Domain entry page. Browse to the User-defined Resources Recordings section. Specify the user-defined asset dataset types that your web hosting needs. Perform these operations to create an A record: At the first box please fill in "@" or the desired name.

From the drop-down list, choose A. Type the IP adress or adresses of your web hosting in the datafield. If you want to create a CNAME entry, do the following: Type "www" or the desired sub-domain in the first area. Specify the necessary information in the datafield. Perform the following procedures to setup user-defined domain DNS name servers:

Please click in the menu on the right on My Areas. In the Name Sever box, select Use user-defined name sever. Type the name relay value you received from your webmaster.

What can I do to make a third-party domain name appear on Zoho sites?

Zoho Sites only requires two simple procedures to assign a domain name to Zoho Sites. Pass the name of the domain you want to root[] to[] (using the www). Make a CNAME record with the hostname www and point it to Please see the website of Zoho Sites for more information on assigning a domain name to Zoho Sites.

What is the best way to assign a domain name to Zoho websites? May I transfer my current domain name to Zoho? Can I buy a domain name through Zoho Sites? May I transfer my current domain name to Zoho? What is the best way to transfer my domain from Zoho Sites?

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