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Translating a website with Google Translate

Would you like to visit a foreign-language website in your mother tongue? Translate can help you. They can search an whole website in the selected locale and even switch the locale while searching. Google Translate, like other on-line translating utilities, is not flawless. This should work well with the occasional surfing of web sites - for example, if you just want to see what a web site looks like in Chinese - but be very cautious when you rely on Google Translate for everything formal.

In order to translate an entire website with Google Translate, please complete these simple translation instructions and look at image 1 for reference: Go to a web navigator and go to There' s no need to have a Google Accounts page to get it, it's free for everyone. Enter the full length URL (including http://) of the Web site you want to display in the text field on the far right.

Select the desired website in your preferred languages on the right.

Use the Translate bar at the top to do a few other things: In the To dropdown list, you can spontaneously switch the default text format. Besides Display, you can switch between the site you are translating and the site in its native tongue. Perhaps you are wondering why some words and expressions are not interpreted.

Translate only the text itself on a page. Every text that is displayed in an illustration is not interpreted.

DEnglishLab: Disable the automatic Google Chrome translator when using MySQL EnglishLab.

Automatic Google translations can be activated in your Google Chrome web browsers. With the automatic translator function, Google can translate text on web pages where the text comes from a source that you don't know into a target that you know. It translates contents in the MyEnglishLab system and causes problems for the user.

It is strongly recommended that you disable this function if you are using MyEnglishLab. How to disable automatic Google translation: Go to the GoogleChrome browser. Click the Chatrome menu in the upper-right hand corner that appears in the main pane of the web browser. Click the Chat button. Deactivate the checkbox "Offer to translate pages that are not written in a foreign language" in the "Languages" section.

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