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The Gillion is a WordPress theme designed to write and distribute news. Create a popular travel blog and grow an active community with this responsive, blog-centric Travel WP theme with customizable layout. Journey WP - Tour & Travel WordPress theme for travel agency and tour operator by PhysCode

The Travel WP is a Travel WordPress theme designed for travel agents and travel organisers of all sizes. They offer a great deal of versatility and opportunities when it comes to designing itineraries. Any number of trip properties can be specified. You can use these attribute later to set up a query for your own database.

The Travel WP Theme (Travel WordPress Theme, Tour WordPress Theme) is included in the WooCommerce plug-in. It' possible that clients are paying for trips directly on your website with Paypal and other WooCommerce paymentservices. It is possible to generate trips with user-defined types of products and other choices. It is also possible to set the prices for each of the days of the year.

Highly annotated and extended theme options and Page Builder - Visual Composer help you to adjust the theme very simply. Journey WP offers 2 possibilities for your customer to make a reservation for a trip or to make a reservation for a trip that is booked and paid for directly via the website using the usual method of payments or via e-mail to the administrator e-mail.

Possibility of configuring a different fare for adults or kids. It is also possible to set the general cost of tickets for trips. Trek Classifications. Adaptable query forms. Individual prices according to reservation date.... Built-in payments. Different themes and HTML templates: Incorporated into the Ninja forms plug-in. Mended:: The WPML translates Slug-Tour categorie under "Settings Permalink-Tours" Fixed: Styles targets in your phone.

Solved: Blog styles in mobiles lack contents. Solved: Choose styles when searching forms in Filefox. Mended:: Corrects the purchase page in the Travel Bookings plug-in. Solved: Styles targets in cell phone. Solved: Shortcode posting trip only. Solved: Post Format styles. Solved: Title picture of the page-turn.


See detailed information under "" from WEN Solutions. "Travel Log" by WEN Solutions. When you use the style sheet in your design, the style sheet must be refreshed to accommodate new changes. A few important functions of the plugin: Pain-free reservation system: The WP Travel system includes a very straightforward and uncomplicated reservation system that the users can fill out very quickly and allows you to make more reservations.

The WP Travel has a built-in accounting statistic that will help you create the reports from different date ranges, type and location. Several prices and several dates: You can use this function to enter several prices and several data for a particular journey. Travel WP Customer Dashboard and Bookings Views. You, as administrator, are informed about all bookings of our customers and also customers receive an e-mail message about their reservation data.

They can allow a user to append ratings or ratings for each trip. The WP Travel coupon is used to apply percentages or fix amounts of travel vouchers. Additional functions: The WP Travel plug-in is very adaptable and adaptable. A number of hook and filter options are available that make the plug-in really versatile from the developer's point of vie.

A variety of choices are available to give the plug-in even more versatility. "The topic "Travel Log" has been developed especially for the plug-in "WP Travel". It is 100% compatibel with our plug-in. You can also use it with other theme, as well as with some style changes. If you have any questions regarding this topic, we are always there to help.

Post your question in the Supportforum. You can also uncheck the WP trip document. Please read our latest version information before upgrading the plug-in. A great free plug-in with great customer service! Can' t believe all the functions you get, considering it's a free plug-in, and when I came across a problem related to working within the topic I used, the tech pack was great, and seeing again how it's a free plug-in, I can't believe how much help and assistance was given!

It is a great plug-in, has a high level of functionality and is of high value. It' s very versatile and simple to use, but the guys at my technical department are shining for me. "The WP Travel" is open program origin. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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