The Trellix company was a software company whose products enabled web users to create personal websites using online publishing tools. The Trellix software and services company provides easy-to-create websites for consumers and small businesses. The original version that came with CompuServe OurWorld when Trellix and CS were working together.

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The Trellix Group was a leading provider of web publication solutions that enabled web professionals to create personalized web sites using web publication technology. The Concord, Massachusetts-based business was formed in 1997 and acquired by Interland (now in 2003. Trellix's first Trellix solution, created in 1997 by Dan Bricklin, a pioneering developer of innovative business intelligence solutions, was Trellix, a programme that enables businesses to create and maintain information on enterprise networks.

As a result, Trellix Web (codenamed "Brooklyn"), a downloaded client-based application, was developed. The Trellix company provided several different editions of the Trellix web software: Complimentary releases (2.0-2.7) published only to certain web editors with whom Trellix has established relationships, such as Fortune City and Tripod. A dozen co-branded editions of the free Trellix Web application were published for various resellers, the most widely used of which was with Dell and HP machines and Corel's WordPerfect with v2.0.

Chargeable editions. Trellix sells the commercial editions directly from Trellix and they sell them with a book: The Trellix Web Site Creation Kit manual (with CD-ROM) had two different editions. The Prentice Hall Edition 2.7 as the free edition of the program was bound only to certain hosting. Trellix's only release available to the consumer was 2.7 and only the Publish Anywhere (PA) release enabled the consumer to specify the hosting.

2nd Edition The 7PA was not part of the packaged package and is the only Trellix release that can be published on new websites. Trellix Trellix Web Express, a web-based release of Trellix Web Express, was created in 2001 by Trellix Trellix, partly built on Lycos department bought by Lycos.

Tripod, then one of the biggest homepage suppliers on the Internet, would be the first license holder of the new one. Trellix Web Express uses JavaScript and allows you to see changes posted in a real-time environment. Trellix Web Express is built to be simple to use without having to load a fairly large application to use.

Several free web sites still use Trellix Web Express, although it is often co-branding to delete the Trellix name from the Trellix webpage. Trellix spearheaded the development of the Web Express solution in Spanish, Portuguese and German. Work on the non-English version, however, was not proficient and was stopped after the 3rd x-Rlease.

In April 2001, Trellix also acquired the license to Blogger, a beloved blogs creation utility. The web host Interland, which renamed itself after purchasing the Trellix Web host, bought Trellix in 2003 and continued to use Trellix's patent protected product. com declined to license the Trellix Web to GlobalSCAPE for the personal computer-installed Trellix Web application and dubbed GlobalSCAPE Builder (CSB) as published in the GlobalSCAPE Investor Relations Board.

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