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Example pages created with the Trendy Website Builder: The TrendyFlash Site Builder is a tool for creating professional Flash websites. Build a website that is absolutely stunning! Setting up a website with Trendy Site Builder is child's play.

TrendFlash Site Builder - Free Downloads and Evaluations

There will be no corrections in the near term after Trendy. Restricted side depth. Using this to make a website for a consumer. Webshop with "product options" support: Zip. Workaround: Make a step-by-step "scratch" and modify it *after* modifying the desired labels. Workaround: Generate several " sites " and connect them together by hand.

  • the product option is only text and cannot provide a hyperlink to an extern selection. Telephone technical assistance for hosters. Eventually, after I had configured the site without the help of Trendy Site, I started marketing the products. Telephone technical assistance for hosters. It' so fucked up they give it away for $$$$ and I give it away for $20 a year!

Damn, I'm a web host and I have a licence to use it! There are too many technical problems with our products, some release button do not work. Customers have a very poor approach to chatting and obviously don't like to help out. You are directed back to our technical staff, which then directs you back to the chats, very upsetting.

When you want a nice page with a WOW factor, Trendy Flash is for you! In addition, there is no way to link internally or even find out what they are, so you can direct your visitors to certain frames (pages) of your Flash site. After-sales service is shit. Furthermore, his responses were essentially "No, you can't do that"...without any possibility of circumvention.

Magnificent looking website with great prospects if you don't anticipate anything to do with it. There is a great split page programme and the opportunity to be a top of the range programme. Horrible instructions, very limited page design, no images to properly load...without calling their very impolite, unreactive tech team! In fact, my site was blocked because I cancelled the automatic extension.

If it were free, I've spent innumerable endless number of hours trying unsuccessfully to build the kind of website their advertisements promise. When you really look at the real websites that have been built by this programme, you will see how completely below average this programme actually is! Technical support has the same answer over and over again (I don't think he can understand Englisch as it lasts 10 to 15 min for each answer) too costly for what you get.

Lots of issues, and every single times I try to do something with one of my sites, I fight with it for 20 min, get in touch with technical help for an hours and usually give up trying to do something! Got a handful of FLASH patterns that look great. It is not possible to attach pictures to a page unless it is in the original.

Got an on-line chats for issues, but they're far from serving you. Thought I' d try Trendy Site Builder after I saw an ad. There was a small website that I had to put together quickly with just a few pages. I' ve used all kinds of CMS to create websites and enjoyed finding new features, but that was a bug all around.

I really don't like serving customers. Supersimple programme with very restricted functions and possibilities of layout. There' a great deal of untapped opportunity in this game. However, its finite possibilities and the few choice of templates make it a wastage. This gives you more selections from which you cannot select. In addition, there is only one typeface that only enhances the overall look of potentially web sites.

BOOTTOM LINE: The programme has a great deal of power, but its restricted features and few templates make it a wastage. Simple to use, anyone can do it and it's enjoyable to use, and even the assistance you get is of the highest qualit.

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