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Wordpress tripod theme

Tripod discussions - Professional WordPress photograph topic Has this subject been left? WordPress. org ille ya da bu sonucunun yap?land?rmas?

ille ilsgili olabilir. The name of the topic is displayed instead of the logotype of my website. Can I know how to fix this? I'm trying to modify the Wordpress theme top page that doesn't work for me. Please advice. Screenshot in appendix.

Hello Cosmothemes, it is not possible to send an e-mail and ask you a questions your forums are only open to those who have purchased your topic and there is no e-mail address, so I ask a questions. In your changeslog it says 4. We now have Wordpress 4, 1 (September 14, 2015) so your topic has not been up-dated.

8 that it works with Wordpress 4.8? I am not compatible with PHP 7, so I can't update my database for other websites..... I am sorry to have acquired this theme........ Did I buy your design and not help with any UH solving problems? Someone could tell us if there's still something left to say about the tripod theme?

The topic was purchased in 2015, but I did not prepare the page. Where can I get the latest release? Is there an upgrade scheduled (Dec. 2017)? Design works well with php7. This are the bugs in the latest release of the theme. Great theme, I've been using it since 2014 and still have no issues!

Hello, I am interested in buying the theme, but I would like to know if I can use it to resell my own pictures? Can I do a mass upload of several hundred photographs per tag and generate an automatic creation of a single item that can be sold for each one? To make the plug-in work well with your design, right?

Hello Cosmo, Will this topic be refreshed for PHP7 and Woocommerce 3.x? I have been very satisfied with the topic for a few years now and really am hoping that I don't have to change to another topic. Hello, the theme will work well with both the latest release of the PHP and WP 4.9.

Simply e-mail us and we will help you if you need it. Also, not all information is shown in the admin/customer e-mail.

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