Ttps website

The Ttps website

constabulary Wellcome to the Trinidad and Tobago Policy Services (TTPS) website, where our mission is to make every place in Trinidad and Tobago secure. The website offers both the policing authorities and the general public the possibility to exchange relevant information. It' is one of many ways we spread information about who we are, what we do and how to access the variety of our offered community based community based community based work.

While navigating these pages, some of the information you will be able to get is contacts for the law enforcement, securities advice, the TTPS strategic plan and operational blueprints, criminality stats and our wealth of experience. Recognizing that the investigation of criminal activity and the maintenance of peace and protection are not possible without the help of the general community, shared responsibilities and partnership are critical to our continued prosperity.

Therefore, you are advised to use the Website to submit reports and/or exchange information that may help us uncover and investigate crime. We undertake to carefully review any information you give us and we will use it in the best interests of the general interest that we are serving.

And we look forward to receiving your comments from the general community on when and what we are doing well, where improvements are needed and how we can make sure your TTPS experiences are unsurpassed. Many thanks for taking the opportunity to browse our website. Pray to be able to share these experiences with others so that they too can get to know the law better and receive information that will be useful to them.

ort of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.

Department of National Security

Trinidad and Tobago Police's slogan is Protection and Service with P.R.I.D.E.: Professionality - We will be effective, conscientious, thorough and knowledgeable in the execution of our work and will take a conscious attitude to be modest, friendly, sympathetic, sensitive and respectful in dealing with our customers. Would - We will safeguard people' s worth and safeguard the right of all people.

Outstanding - We aspire to excel in every type of delivery we make through our dedication to cooperation, communications, learning, mental coaching, collaborative work and the execution of efficient policies. TTPS client is up: More than 6,500 police officers in various positions and the specially reserved police force supported the mission of the ministry.

TTPS is organised into nine departments, comprising Trinidad & Tobago and 18 branches, troops and entities.

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