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Best 25 Tumblr Style WordPress Topics 2018 Minblr is a minimally Tumblr inspiring theme developed for WordPress, as its name implies.... Blueprint designs are fluid and reactive, which means that the blueprint of your website adapts to the screen regardless of screen size.

One of my favourite Minblr functions - besides the cross-browser compatibility - are the 10 different colour scheme and the children theme suppport.

Pagebuilder, which is included in the theme, makes it easy to modify the overall page layouts. A Tumblr-like theme for WordPress from CSSIgniter. It comes with 5 colour themes and built-in shortcuts to help your designs create a little extra Pop. But there is much more to the subject than that.

CSIgniter is one of my favourite theme stores because of the excellent client services they have provided me with in the past. When you ever buy a subject, it is important to get a feel for the levels of support you could get, just in case you need help with something.

There was a particular problem I had with one of the CSSIgniter topics that didn't work, so I contacted them and they solved the problem within a few mins. If you are looking for a motif in Tumblr style, you should definitely have a look at it! The Wumblr is Themify's first Tumblr-like WordPress theme - and the kid delivered it.

This theme has more to it than just this brick-style design. Wumblr theme includes over 8 style theme selection buttons (including those shown above), 7 different theme skin buttons to customize the theme colour, and 9 mail style buttons including: General, Movie, Note, Image, Galerie, Quote, Links, and State.

Like we already said in the last topic of Thémify, this topic - and all topics of Thémify - comes with a frontend page generator for quicker and simpler page layout. Memoir is a fast-reacting WordPress theme that focuses on your work. This theme prides itself on fat type and has 2 colour schemes: bright (as shown above) and deep, along with 3 bottom line broads that allow you to place your favorite content such as feeds or even featureds.

Talking of postings, the topic allows 9 postal formats: The Memoir is a beautiful and neat theme that would be ideal for something like a tourist log or a kind of newspaper. Well, if that's what you're looking for, then this is just what you're looking for. Remember that the style choices are minimum and there is no side bar to talk about on this topic.

Like almost all Tumblr inspiring topics, the goal is a blogs first setting, but I like the light versatility this topic provides. Hard has 5 colour patterns (Cyan is my favourite), and an extra choice to place the top icon and side bar menus.

DailyNotes' theme is very basic in its styling and has been reduced to the essential, but don't take it to mean it's without electricity. ElegantThemes' topics are all encoded with WordPress Best Practice - a fact not to be missed even in a basic face-to-face blogs.

It has 4 slim colour patterns, is cross-browser compliant, and has all the good things that come of course in all ElegantThemes designs (ePanel, shortcodes and page templates). The notebook is another Tumblr-like theme from ElegantThemes, but with a more Pinterest claim. One of my favourite features of this theme is the limitless colours and the wide range of overlay textures that add to your website and make it noticed.

It' supposed to be a basic kind of design and lay-out, but the ability to have some oversight over things like colour and fonts is a neat note. TinyBlog is probably the neatest design I've found on this page. Uses the WooTumblog plug-in to make your WordPress page look like Tumblr and offer some amazing functions.

Also, I shouldn't neglect to say that this topic in particular has a back-end asset management feature that allows you to build a page for your asset management account. There are 3 specified layouts: one, two, and three-column. There are no choices to change the colour of things, but this is still a good looking topic overall.

Although not the typically Tumblr style theme, Fable is still a nice theme designed just for the blog. Every contribution is bold and will fill the entire page without detracting from your work. Infinite colour and page styles such as a folder lay-out or different picture galleries are available. That makes it a great topic for your own life and work, but the focus will always be on the blog.

Like the name suggests, Memory is a tumblog-style WordPress theme that resembles a notepad. Also, you can select your own highlight colour in the back end for your website, and there are shortcuts (for tab pages, warnings, column names, button names, and toggle buttons) that you can use in your pages and postings.

The LightBright is a theme from Elegant Themes that gives you the true feeling of a Tumblr style theme, but all the features and flexibility of WordPress. LightBright's styling is straightforward, but the cast shadows and a graded backdrop help give the theme a certain amount of detail that contributes to a pleasurable visual sensation.

Like all Elegant themed products, LightBright's encoding and optional extras are second to none. There is a wide range of page templates in the design, among them both a full width one and a site map one. It is one of my favourite characteristics when purchasing Elegant themed items that you really come to the value of your moneys.

If you buy this one theme, you actually get instant exposure to all their topics - all 87, to be precise. I had nothing but great Elegant Topics client support, so they have my voice. The Mindstream is a children's theme that builds on the Genesis Framework and focuses on recording and sharing the good times of being.

I am not timid in announcing my passion for the Genesis Framework, and this is one of the topics I have been using myself and I really like. The theme is quickly loaded and is ideal for advanced speech recognition (SEO), while the aesthetic provides a cleaner viewing area. When you' re looking for a blogs topic that is well ranked in searchengines, consider it seriously.

Is a tumblog style WordPress theme that comes with a very angular but optically pleasing style. It was a surprise to me how much energy was put into this Tumblr-inspired theme of Codestag. This theme's slim styling is breathtaking, and its responsiveness and retinal readiness means it remains breathtaking no matter what machine it is used on.

Some of the things I really liked about Shift were the possibility to modify the text colour and wallpaper on a page or postal base. That means every contribution or page can look just as individual as the stories you tell.

In addition, I should not neglect to note that the topic features 10 mail format options (Standard, Next, Galery, Picture, Link, Quote, Movie, Audio, State, and Chat) as well as full locale functionality. It has a great deal to say and is definitely a worthwhile subject to look at. Remarkable is a fast-reacting WordPress topic that gives a very classical feeling.

This special design is ideal for those who are new to WordPress and don't want to be overcome by customisation choices. Just use the WordPress Theme Customizer at the front end of your website to define most of your style choices. Support 5 Postformats: Sound, Galery, Picture, Quotation and Movie.

TopmeBeans, the author(s) of Acute seem to have dominated this work. Design is fully reactive, has light coding, and comes with a sub design to prevent adjustment reset when you make design upgrades. Adjustments, e.g. to colours and writings, can be made simply via the front-end WordPress Theme Customizer.

Although their demos don't show it, the authors of the theme say that there are sidebar/right and sidebar/left template that you can use for your post. Although the theme's appearance is easy, the choices and functions for Acute are frankly too many to include. For a full account of everything they have, go to their demonstration to get a better understanding of what this tumblog style theme has to offer.

That is another theme of ThemeBeans and will certainly make an impression. The Blooog is a Tumblr-like theme that makes your blogs the stars' stars. As it is fast reacting, your portable reader will surely thank you for the simple portable read. Blooog Theme has a customizable login area where you can tag your blogs, and it comes with a stable side bar with infinite widgets areas to help you with your users experiences.

It is always great to come across a theme that has been written by guys with a fantastic record of success. The Bulletin is a sleek and easy to use WordPress theme from the always surprising WPExplorer. This bulletin theme was developed around the theme of blogs and photographs, making it ideal for travellers and professional bloggers both.

The WPExplorer has, as always, provided another strong topic. And Molly is another WordPress blogs topic from CSSIgniter. Although the lay-out is easy, the appealing theme makes it one that your audience can capture, no matter what equipment they're watching it on. Molly theme support the most popular mail formats:

In addition, Molly has the advanced functionality included as a default in all CMSIgniter themes: cross-browser interoperability, location assistance, and shortcuts. The Fast Blogs is a WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for a blogs reader on the go. This theme is supported by the WooTumblog plug-in to allow you to append some additional blogs functions, such as posting a blogs posting over a telephone or portable devices.

It has 12 colour themes (6 dim and 6 light) and support 6 mail types: default, picture, link, sound, movie and quote. It includes screen shots of the theme's back end to give you an impression of the different adjustment options, so take a look around.

So if you are looking for a sleek design or tumblog style that can be upgraded while you're away from your computer, take a look at Fast Blog. New York is the last topic of this WordPress series by CSSIgniter. What's more, NYC is the last topic of this WordPress series. This theme changes things a little by putting your logotype and your side bar to the right (although you have the choice to place it to the right if you prefer).

NYC's blend of weave and structure gives a warm look to the picture than some of the others in this series. NYC theme has 5 different colour scheme and 7 mail type support: galery, picture, audio, link, quote, thought and video. Only drawback I found with this topic is that it didn't react, but I still liked the overall look.

The third and last Themify theme in this WordPress summary is Grido. A further neat thing about this topic is that you can specify a colour for the backdrop on a per posting base to give your site a little variety. Plus, if you buy this one theme, you also get another theme for free.

Obox's tumblog theme Oaves is sure to make an impression. It has a pretty one-of-a-kind look and a pretty distinctive look that only has a hint of back inspired that makes you want to like it. Every posting is shown with the date it was posted, and the location of that date changes from top to bottom to give your viewers rich viewing experience.

This theme comes with infinite colour choices, but the strength of the theme doesn't stop there. Waves theme also includes a wide range of page styles, among them full width, portfolios (single columns, two columns, three columns) and archive. There are 6 different mail format supported: voice, links, aside, quote, videos and images.

There' s something about this subject that really attracted me. Hero Themes' Scopic theme is probably the most original Tumblr-inspired WordPress theme I've ever come across. One of the best functions that the theme comes with is the appealing theme and the possibility to adjust your theme (including colors) with the WordPress Theme Customizer.

While it has the peculiarities of a tumblog, it has all the strength of a WordPress theme. The PixelPower is a neat and contemporary design that looks good on any device. Light colour and structured backdrop light enough to set you apart from other tumultuous topics on the scene.

It has a wide range of asset management template (1 colum, 2 colums and 4 columns), but it also support 6 different mail formats: By the way, Galerie, Picture, Offer, Links, State, Videos, Voice and Chats. You made it to the last WordPress topic on the Tumblr -style mailing lists. OldCar, a WordPress theme that was just too compelling to say nothing about, was a fat and imaginative one.

This theme has a side bar on the right side and allows an infinite selection of colours. You can also use Google Fonts, so you can really make your blogs pop. It' s 100% reactive and comes with two laysouts that contain the liquid grating you see above and a regular one - just in case you want to turn it down a notch.

This theme also contains short codes and a beautiful brick-style portfolios that really stand out. Altogether, this theme was my favourite, but my hopes are that you have found a Tumblr-inspired theme that meets your needs. Disclaimer: Some of the link in this article are affiliated link, which means that if you click on one of the link and buy an article, we may get a referral fee.

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