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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] FluidSquid is a leading provider of advanced computer software for creating and distributing virtual reality and video content. TurboSquid is a leading provider of virtual reality software that delivers virtual reality and video content to a wide range of businesses, such as computer gaming, architectural design, and educational education. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, the firm is best known for arranging the distribution of 3-D designs for a percent of turnover.

By 2018, TurboSquid has over 679,000[1] 3-D objects in its collection, making it the biggest 3-D model collection available for purchase worldwide. Turbo Squid also offers over 130,000[2] other items, such as surface cards. The TurboSquid was formed by Matt Wisdom and Andy Wisdom, who were associates of Chimera Digital Imaging, a 1994-2000 TV advertising 3-D production group.

Simultaneously, Digimation, a New Orleans based business created by David Avgikos, was working on a similar 3dBay work. The two groups formally combined to become TurboSquid in April 2000. Supported by Angel's financing, the firm proclaimed the new market place at the SIGGRAPH meeting in August 2000. Thereafter, MotorDesk sold 3Ds max 4 with a TurboSquid add-on and TurboSquid made its first VC in April 2001.

Differences of opinion over many facets of the business resulted in the retirement of Tom Avgikos and David Avgikos, initially Chief Executive Officer, and a full split from Digimation in 2002. For the next few years, Andy Wisdom was active as Chief Executive Officer. Matt Wisdom was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the firm in 2006. Wisdom joined TurboSquid as Chairman of the Executive Committee and began working in the financial services sector.

Caseing Pixel is a market place for the buying and selling of 3-D digitally produced contents in Europe. The contents are provided by digitally created performers who are paid a royalty per sales. Established in 2005, the business is based in Manchester, UK. Evermotion became the UK's premier Evermotion 3-D model distribution partner in 2010, delivering over 15,000 pieces of over 500 digitally created creations.

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