See Tuts definition, (used as an exclamation of contempt, contempt, impatience, etc.) See more. Under the Stars Theatre (TUTS) is a year-round, professional, non-profit music theatre production.


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Theater under the Stars (Houston)

Under the Stars Theater (TUTS) is a year-round, nonprofit, professionally run music theater series. Based in Houston, Texas, it performs mainly at the Hobby Center for the performing Arts. As a rule, the seasons of Theater Under The Stars include self-produced shows as well as tour-reproductions. Known primarily for its major hobby center shows in downtown Houston and its free one-year outdoor shows at the Miller Outdoor Theater, it also provides pedagogical program through its The Humphreys School of Musical Theater (HSMT) department, pedagogical program for kids with specific needs across the river, and a broad range of local church work.

TUTS wurde 1968 von Frank M. Young gegr√ľndet und steht heute unter der Leitung von Interim Managing Director, Joel Szulc ; Chief Development Officer, Carol Ostlind Thornburg ; Directeur Marketing & Brand Strategy, Jeff Cleveland ; Directeur Business Development and Community Relations, Melissa Edwards ; et Conseiller artistique, Sheldon Epps. Since 1968, TUTS has been offering free annual shows at the Miller Theatre in Hermann Park, which derive their name from these open-air shows, and 48 free plays until July 2010.

TUTS has so far recorded more than 300 productions, among them many domestic, nationwide and global releases such as Kopit and Yeston's Phantom, Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Irving Berlin's White Christmas. He has also toured internationally, producing Debbie Reynolds in The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Juliet Prowse in Mame, Robert Goulet in Man of La Mancha, and reinvented classic cabaret and les Miserables locally.

Humphreys Schule of Musical Theater (HSMT) provides more than 1,700 pupils a year with education and performing arts experiences and offers both open and audition-based courses throughout the year. Dave Clemmons was named the new HSMT Principal in 2016. The TUTS runs an apprenticeship academy education programme for high pupils who may not be involved in music theater at their own secondary level.

TUTS, located at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, also presents the annual Tommy Tune Awards, which recognize the best and most intelligent music theater programmes at the Houston High School. As well as the pedagogical programmes in the Hobby Center, TUTS also provides music drama lessons to the communities through the use of nearby clinics, colleges and communities throughout the Houston area.

In 2010, Under The Stars fused with the River Performance and Visual arts Center to create a barrier-free art educational paradigm for non-profit music theater organisations. TUTS provides advanced on-site and off-site teaching for kids in school, hospital and other community-based settings.

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