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Twenty Eleven, the default theme for WordPress, is one of the most popular free themes as it is already included in every new WordPress installation & update. twenty-eight Turn it into your own with a customized menus, headers, and backgrounds - and then go further with the available design settings for bright or deep colour schemes, customized links and three layouts. The Twenty Eleven comes with a presentation page style sheet that turns your front page into a cabinet to present your best work, a wealth of widget functionality (sidebar, three footers, and a presentation page widget area), and a customized "Ephemera" widget to view your side, left, bid, or status post.

It includes printing and administration editing style, feature image display assistance (as user-defined headers on postings and pages and as large pictures on feature "sticky" posts), and specific style for six different mail sizes.

postal formats

There' a lot of really awesome enhancements and functions - more post formats, nice new covers, alternative colour scheme and layout and even your own links colours. The Twenty Eleven looks great as a blogs, shop windows, or even as a tumble log or photo log. At Twenty Eleven, we have seven post formats that customize the look and feel of your blogs to match their contents.

In addition to the standard size (for conventional blogs and longer articles), there are six other sizes: By the way: link, gallery, status, offer, video and picture. Minor size is for short contributions of about 1 paragraph. 1 para. Since they are short and have to be quickly digested, the titles of the side contributions are concealed on index pages.

If you use the Twenty Eleven Ephemera Widget to view a listing of your recent Aside and Links items (found in Customize Widgets), the header of your Links items will be loaded into the top left of your posting instead of loading the item itself.

Picture galleries are intended for contributions that use the Picture galleries shortcut. Contributions to the galleries show a miniature view of your galleries on the index pages. This status file is intended for brief face-to-face updating. Every status contribution shows the postal author's Avatar next to the contents. When you have a contribution that is almost exclusively an offer, the offer size will highlight those offers.

Videoformat is intended for placing a separate piece of videos that appears with minimum post-meta above the contribution to make your videos stand out. Portrait size is intended for the publication of one picture and only one picture. If this is the case, the mail feta under your contribution will appear more like a caption.

Twenty Eleven changes the colour of your blogs from bright to black with just one click. To find the colour schemes option, go to the WP Admin dashboard (add /wp-admin/ after your URL) and visit Appearance Theme options at ? You can also modify the colour of your blog's links to better match your colour schemes and styles under Look Theme Option.

The Twenty Eleven offers three standard styles for your blogs, right and left side bar in one. Twenty Eleven's third design makes the side bar completely redundant and turns Twenty Eleven into a smaller tumble log theme. It' perfectly suited to turn your blogs into photologues. Twenty Eleven also offers two user-defined page templates in supplement to the standard Twenty Eleven partitions.

Twenty Eleven's default template transforms your website from a Twenty Eleven blogs look into a funky and funky one. In order to post contributions to the Featured Post section, highlight some contributions as "sticky". The best way to view these contributions is to also create a featured picture for each one that is at least as large as the headers picture (1000px x 288px).

In order to fill the Twenty Eleven Ephemera side bar wideget, make sure you have posted some contributions in Aside or Link Post format. The Twenty Eleven design reacts and adjusts to your webpage. When your users are on a portable unit, Twenty Eleven displays a customized portable lay-out. Attract your contributions by dragging pictures or block quotes into the edges of your website by dragging a category of "pull" and either "alignleft" or "alignright".

Head picture is 1000 x 288 (width, height).

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