Types of Classified Advertising

Classifieds types

These are normal text ads that are calculated by letters or rows or columns. You will be responsible for the presentation of the most diverse areas. Several branches or types of advertising can be used by companies. Every important type of advertising is explained in detail.

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This kind of ads are less expensive than the classified ads. They are calculated per centimetre per squared centimetre. It uses a frame of varying point sizes for better visualization and greater effect. Ads for classified ads are only allowed in a separate space, i.e. the width of the ads for classified ads may range from 3 cm to 4 cm according to publishing policy, no more than that.

This kind of advertising is the HIGH IMPACT and the most expensive kind of advertising. They can be any width / hight, but should not be less than 3 centimeters. Paper ads still have the capacity to attract a wider and more varied public than any other advertising medium.

The main reason for this is that papers appeal to people of all age groups and nationalities. Every paper, from the wealthy to the average and even the lower incomes, reads and has a broader outreach. When you are planing to advertise your company or when you want to place some ads, classifieds in the paper is the best media.

Text classified advertisements are certainly the most beloved of all because there are various advantages that go along with them. An ad in a paper is calculated by words, rows and symbols. Key determinants such as backgrounds, borders and checkmarks can also affect the overall ad rates.

Text classified advertisements are perfect for all types of advertising, especially for marriages. Classifieds are calculated on a single inch and are slightly more expensive than normal classifieds. Advertisements provide higher exposure and return rates as they allow advertiser to use their own brands logo and frame their advertisements to make them look good.

Usually these advertisements have limits on sizes and are perfect for obituaries and job advertisements. Advertisements on displays attract a great deal of interest, which is why they are more expensive than classified advertisements. There are no limits to the sizes of these advertisements and they can cover the entire page. Advertisements are perfect for brands, corporate advertising, recruiting campaign, property project, chain advertising and educational advertising.

Classifieds are further subdivided into: Custom ads: Face-to-face classifieds are quite usual because they are face-to-face messaging that an individual wants to communicate through a newspaper. This news can refer to birthdays greetings, Christmas greetings, special services, jubilees, personal and business greetings, and even basic news for your friend, relative, or relative.

Educational advertisements: Whilst the vast majority of educational adverts are registration notifications, there are many types of educational adverts that appear in the papers. When you open new coach courses or are a coach, you can advertise in the Training area. A lot of coach centers that have a small amount of money to spend choose the classified formats.

Usually such adverts have a lot of information and therefore it makes sense to make them public under confidentiality aspects. Every aspiring groom and groom advertises in a paper in the marriage. Employment adverts in the press can help an employer get workers to fill vacant positions in their office. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises choose to place their adverts in a situation where employment adverts provide information about the employment outline.

As a rule, obituaries contain pictures of the dead person together with the embassy selected by the advertisers. Single properties, agents and renters usually place these ads in the papers. Advertisements: Small advertisements in the classified advertisements are usually about various commercial offerings, promotional activities, commercial offerings and when companies are looking for partner for their prospective projects.

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