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Wordpress U Design Theme

Is the uDesign WordPress Theme demo site for Easy Property Listings plugin for WordPress. U design is a modern, clean and super flexible multi-purpose WordPress theme. It offers all the tools you need to create a unique website for any business.

µDesign - WordPress response theme from AndonDesign

U design is a high-performance and user-friendly design. SoEO - Suchmaschinenoptimierung was a big issue in the construction of the U design theme. Irrespective of the location of the side bar, the key phrase is placed in front of the side bar in the coding tree, so that it is searched first by searching machines. Titles are also treated by the theme for a better AEO.

Responsible &obile Ready - U-design theme provides an optional fast-reacting design theme. The theme also features two different types of menu, including logos specifically for portable monitors. Big choices for e-commerce - The theme supports the most beloved on-line buying solution: The SHOWCASE of the theme shows a small excerpt of what can be achieved with the U-design theme.

Revolution response WordPress plug-in - This is an unbelievably powerful and highly customizable fader. jQuery Cycle sliders Full Width Image - slides control available: break, continue, change to a certain slides. Select from 28 transitions that can be applied separately to each transparency.

Save the slideshow with the possibility to open in the actual or new windows. Uncheck the 3-D Shadows checkbox. jQuery Cycle Slider With an Image, Text and Button - Save slides available: break, continue, switch to a particular slides. Select from 28 transitions that can be applied separately to each transparency.

Links are automatically created with the possibility to open the links in the actual or new windows. Uncheck the 3-D Shadows checkbox. jQuery Cycle Slider With sliding Images and Sliding Text - Save Text - Save Text - Save Text - Slide Controls available: break, continue, switch to a particular transparency. U-design: Latest Contributions - Display the most recent contributions with text, authors and dates (optional), you also have the possibility to move the last contributions shown from the most recent one, use this, for example, to skip the first 2 or 3 last contributions.

You can also use the Widget to choose a particular categorie and all its offspring. Furthermore, I have provided a short code copy of this Widgets so that it can be used anywhere in the contents, not only in Widgetareas. U-design: Registration form - Displays a log in to the side bar.

You can log in and log out directly from the side bar without being directed to the standard WP logon page. U-design: User-defined catagory widget - allows you to view a unique catagory and all its catagories. It is useful for areas of the site such as the Portfolio or Blog/News where you want to restrict the list of available content to make the actual area more pertinent.

U-design: Copy and Paste your Google map to view a Google map in the side bar. U-design: Sub Pages - Displays the sub pages of a currently active page. If you have a large number of pages that would normally take up too much space in the side bar, this plugin is useful so that you can use this plugin to show a much shortened side bar menus view that shows only the descendants of the page.

The widgets are 11 (eleven). For example, if a row is disabled, the rest of the rows will be adjusted to spans the entire width of the page; if only one row is enabled, the rest will spans the entire width of the page, etc.

Preformatted business contacts - which can be directly typed into the topic's Options page. Business Contacts fields offer a way to better view extra information such as company name, address, telephone number, etc. Checking the telephone number (North American format) that can be enabled/disabled on the Theme Options page (disabled by default).

Translations contained with the topic: Page for samples. This topic is provided with comprehensive technical documents. Complimentary technical assistance is provided via an outside board. If you have a question about the topic please send it to the topic's topic discussion board. As part of my efforts to offer you better service, I've set up an independant forums where all your commentaries are browsable, you can submit pictures, add coding with highlights, etc.

Please click HERE to sign up for the forum. U-Design theme support:

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