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UC Browser mobile web browser add true information Us and our affiliates use technologies such as cookie technologies on our Web site to personalize our site contents and advertisements, deliver socially relevant information, and analyze our visitors. UCWeb's UC Browser Web browser announces that it has partnered with Facebook to send real-time alerts from the community web directly to Facebook subscribers without them having to open the Facebook-app.

Quarz pointed out that this was the first Facebook alerts to be available to Facebook visitors from a different resource than the application or socially networked site. Another interesting aspect of this proclamation is the China factor: Facebook is still stuck in this land, while UCWeb belongs to the China based online group Alibaba.

Here, every point of entrance into China is important for Facebook. In June, Facebook and UCWeb again merged with the browser add-on Browse Facebook Fast to accelerate the upload of UC Browser pages to the community site. In a press announcement, UCWeb announced the Facebook project: All you need to do to get Facebook alerts is sign in to your Facebook accounts using the latest UC Browser edition.

You can then still get real-time alerts after exiting your browser. They can also administer the kind of alerts you get, so that you only get the ones that are most important to you. The latest Facebook connectivity, along with the browser's multiple functions, add-ons and enhanced file downloading capabilities, make UC Browser a better choice than your phone's integrated browser.

UC Browser lets you do everything you need to do on-line without having to use many other applications. However, this could be good news especially for those using Budget telephones who may not be able to run many applications at once efficiently, or just for those who want to get the most out of their web surfing experiences.

What kind of browser do you use?

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