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Download videos quickly and easily from your UC browser. YouTube - UC Browser - Home - About - Instagram Feed - FREE DOWNLOAD - Photos - Twitter - YouTube - Videos - Posts - Welcome - Events - UC Forum - Notes - Survey. Download Youtube videos with UC Browser This article will discuss how to get YouTube video and other on-line video from websites with UC browsers. Many Youtube video downloaders are available on the computer. If the video looks good, we can view it using the Video Downloads Manager such as Youtube Video Downloads, GetGo Video Downloads, etc.


However, on the Google Player as you know, YouTube video downloaders are not available on the Google Player Shop in accordance with Google's data protection policies. While some video downloading applications are available on other popular shops like Opera Shop or Mobile, some folks don't like them. Here is a basic answer that is available in UC Browser Add-ons called VideoDownloader.

The VideoDownloader is available in the official UC Browser shop. They can also free on-line video from other web sites such as www.metacafe.com or www.dailymotion.com. down load. Update - Now you don't need to add an extra YouTube Videos Downloader add-on to your browser, as the latest Video Downloader add-on has been integrated into UC Browser and you don't need to add another one.

After you have installed the Video Downloader, uninstall it first. 1 - After the VideoDownloader add-on is installed, please reboot the UC Browser and open the YouTube website. Watch any video you want to dowload. 3 - Click or touch this icon to begin downloading your Youtube video, and the video will begin downloading immediately.

You can download YouTube videos via UC Browser Android.

YouTube video downloads with UC Browser worked correctly until before the UC Browser 10.8. 820 release upgrade. Once updated, UC Browser will be prompted to dowload video playback assistance via the built-in video dowloader add-on. When you click on the button "Download" you will see the following message: "Content cannot be uploaded due to copyrights issues" and the video you cannot upload.

The Video Downloader for Itroid UC Browser no longer works, but only for the YouTube website. In addition, you can still watch video from other websites such as Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo. They still use UC browsers to view and play YouTube video. You want to store from the YouTube website to the smartphone Youroid. Therefore I will tell you here how to get YouTube video with UC Browser.

You will need to download this video downloaded application to your Android telephone before proceeding to the following steps: Once you have downloaded and installed FVD, please complete the following steps: Go to the YouTube website in UC Browser and watch your video in full size. If the video is playing, touch 3 points at the top right and you will see a pop-up window.

If you have now FVD (Free Video Downloader) on your computer, you will see the FVD options on Finish operation with monitor. The next time, FVD will start and you will see FVD Video Save as your monitor. Below "Save video as" you see the filename and have to modify the video name and enter the name. mp4 suffix.

So for example, your video name is "My YouTube Video", then you can specify the name "My YouTube Video. mp4", otherwise FVD will store the video without any extensions. After downloading, you will see an unsubscribed executable because it has no extensions and will not play.

Once you have changed the video name, touch the Downlod icon. When you want to retrieve a copy for your own use, select the Don't ask again check box and press Accept. The video has now successfully downloaded and you can see the video downloading process in the notice area. This video is available on the SD card>>Xvideo after the downloading.

When you forgot to append the filename to the filename. Try renaming the filename using the Files Viewer and enter any name, but adding the extensions. You can also enter the extensions. 4p4. This way your video will definitely be played on any Android video player. And there are some other options also for Android or iPhone smartphones, if you don't want YouTube videos to be downloaded then you can try it:

Use Firefox or TubeMate application to get the video instead of using UC browser. You can use Youtube Watch Later Feature on Youtube Mobile Application.

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