Ugly Wordpress Themes

Nasty Wordpress Topics

Concerning the quality of all these free themes, you get a mixture of good, bad and ugly. WordPress community is filled with talented designers and developers who create stunning designs. Good, bad and ugly of Free WordPress topics. It' supposed to look really ugly if anyone wants to help?

Ten ugly WordPress themes you never want to use.

WordPress communities are full of gifted artists and creators who produce breathtaking work. Themed shops appear everywhere and sell amazing design. However, for every nice topic there is a really fleeting one that waits for a soulless impoverished person to unload it and enable it on their WordPress page.

I' ve searched the web to put together this compilation of some of the most awful WordPress themes. While there are some true shocker out there, it just shows how far web designers have come since WordPress was developed and how high the expectation of the designers is. Look at the checklist and let us know if you've come across any ugly topics that haven't made it into the checklist.

Described by its creator as "a horribly ugly, hardly useful subject, inspiring (notorious web utility consultant) Jakob Nielsen". "Apparently the subject is an older release of Nielsen's website. It'?s a dull name for a dull subject. "It' s a straightforward design with one post and two widget post at the bottom," says the designers.

This is a great topic if you want to bring your website back to 1999. This is another dull piece of furniture, this one in 50 different greens. Similar to EL James' Fifty Schades of Grey novel, this subject is lacking classyness. Says the designer: "In Winter the sun shines, glistening flakes of snow, they are beautiful and soothing.

" The subject is anything but reassuring. My eyes hurt from the repeating backdrop and I can almost feel the breath of the cheeses blowing out of the white sidewall. Never have I seen a wooden cladding so ugly since I built my first home in Sims in 2000. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs.

What would you do to help us address this issue? "This is a great, easy subject that conveys a very fresh and fresh atmosphere. Can' t even sniff the one small on the side trees... my nostrils don't go beyond the koo coloured backgrounds or the greens headlines. It'?s really ugly. Okay, so this topic hasn't been refreshed in two years.

Once I had this design up and running, I thought it wasn't downloaded correctly, so I clicked Update. If you know the name of the topic, I can hear the metallic ground wallpaper, but the rose headers and the link don't make any sence. It' as if the creator was deflected after adjusting the wallpaper.

Last but not least, one of our own design... the subject of Edublogs.

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