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An extensive collection of visual components for WordPress. screen shots After resetting, you can simply re-install your design and plug-ins without having to upload your file again. Particularly for topic developer and tester this is very useful. Provided the administrator has Level_10 rights and the administrator already has one, he will be re-created with his present passphrase and e-mail adress. In case the administrator does not already have an admin login or is a registered domain without administrator rights, the login name will be re-created with his e-mail adress and his actual login name.

Any of your designs, plug-ins will be disabled and all their preferences will be rolled back. Neither of your data will be deleted (plugin only resets the database). After resetting, the administrator account is re-created. After resetting, you can activate your plug-ins again later. plug-in works with ANY topic. Enter'reset' in the text box and click reset.

What can I do to automatically enable this plug-in after a restart? After resetting my plug-in, how can I automatically restore it? which contains the plug-in base names of the plug-in to be activated, e.g: Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Ultimative - Responsible WP themes from design themes

Multipurpose topic with Woo Commerce and WPML support. Easily customizable WordPress topic for businesses! The subject of elegancy is setting new standards for any kind of website (multi-purpose); businesses, portfolios, corporations, agencies, creative agencies, blogs, etc.. High-performance design is suitable for non-programmers as well as experienced and experienced design professionals and programmers.

Fantastic functions (see below list) allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your website in seconds. Friendly - With prioritized contents area in the source tree, so that the primary contents area is placed before the side bar, regardless of the side bar's location, to place well in key searching machines.

Semantic and effective HTML, CSS allows searching machines to index the contents of your website simply. We' ve used heading (h1, h2, h3, h3,...) tag names efficiently on every page. I have bought over 75 topics and by far this is the most versatile topic I have worked with so far.

I asked some rather dumb question and needed additional work done and Ram made it all available on time and didn't try to bill me - or sell me or anything; also his artwork is reasonable.

So why should he want to make an incredible artwork at a great selling rate and provide a great level of customer care? Each time I need a DThems pattern, I go to the first DThems interval of time. Fantastic pattern, great services - great work! All users will be satisfied with great topic features:

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