Unique Photography Themes

Exceptional photography themes

Choose a season such as winter or summer and take photos that capture the unique qualities of that season. One way or the other, the final image is unique. Fifty-two photographic projects: You can try out this photographic concept every year.

Side 1 of 4: Taking over a photo is a great way to free yourself from the track of photography and concentrate on your images. If you make some restrictions about what you will photograph or what kind of equipment you will use, it really forces you to be more ingenious.

Photoprojects are also great if you just have your first real digital still image - instead of taking pictures of everyone and everything, taking over a photographic object is a great way to study as you take it, while you end up with a cohesive body of work. We' ve got 52 great photographic designs ready - one for each weekly in 2018.

They are divided into three sections: simple house building activities that you can do today, outdoor activities that you can try out at the weekends, and a range of on-going photographic activities that you can begin now, but will fill up over the next few weeks and month. It is the main concept of this experiment to hang up a tank of fluid and drop it through a small opening to catch the spatter.

Good results were obtained with two flashes adjusted to their minimum output (1/128th), an f/22 f-stop and f/22 diluted with xanthanum rubber to produce a more visible result. In addition, we used a splash art droplet collection from PhotoTrigger to adjust the droplet sizes and frequencies.

You will need a remote -controlled strobe, a clear-sided tank for your fountain, a colored backdrop and a stand for this video game. Let the subject fall into the breeze with the subject on a stand in auto focusing and auto lighting - aperture 8, ISO200 and the shortest exposure time that works with your strobe - and fire the shot when it strikes.

For still lifes are a permanent part of their work. What about taking it to the next step and using the forms in a Photoshop creativity work? As soon as you have made a few good smoking pictures, create an empty photo in Photoshop, copy and past one of the smoking pictures into it.

Embellish your photography of your foods! Hornby 00 gauges are ideal because they're available in a variety of postures and all you need is a single pack of Hornby 00 gauges. Attempt to turn your supper accessories into photographic arts by using only a light box and a very sharpened blade. Once the image is directly above it, the user can use the Camera Viewer to zoom in on the detail using the manual focusing function.

Adjust an f/8 to get sufficient sharpness and choose an EV correction from +1 to +3 f-stops as the strong sunlight can underexpose the camera's metering device. Freez your flower in synthetic boxes with either deionised or still deionised bottled hot and cold running hot and cold running hot and cold running water (available at your car dealer or DIY store).

Flower will swim, so try weighing them down or fixing them in place to get them to cool underneath. Put the pad of icecream on a transparent dish or jar in a blank dish or dish so that the lights can shine through from below.

Place a flash unit to the side, angle it downwards and fire from the opposite side. Film that floats on the aquatic environment is a good way to create eye-catching sketches. The tabletop photographic design uses the reflective qualities of oils and blisters to emphasize and warp colors. The only thing you have to do is to put a few droplets of edible oils on the top of the bowl.

Ensure that the tray is about 25 cm around the tabletop, then place colored white papers under it and use a bulb or flash to ignite the white papers. A similar subject as the last one, but here the pattern is produced by a covering over the lighting and not by a colored backdrop.

First of all, a covering for an angled luminaire is produced with the aid of adhesive paper, cards and adhesive film. Apply a covering strip to the mount, but make sure it does not touch the incandescent tube, and hold out the lights when not taking pictures. Put a full pail of boiling soda in front of the torch, adding a few droplets of edible oils.

It is a beautiful design that creates lively wallpapers or murals. You will need to have a mixture of fluid and glycerin to create a long-lasting bar of water, a ribbon of wires, a dark fabric backing and a minimum 100mm macrolens. Colors produced by the foil appear only when they are struck by a certain amount of sunlight from a certain corner, i.e. when they are placed near a northern corner of a room and picked up from about 45ยบ.

The light flexes when it flows through a stream of light, which causes the underlying object to alter its look. It' calls breaking, and you will use this phenomena in this artistic photographic work. Everything you need is a pair of eyeglasses, a flash, a stand and a monochrome sample canvas. Just place the design in the back with the goggles in front.

Add different amounts of liquid and move the design forward or backward to refine the effect. It' s an excellent place to record a macrosubject. The creation of a Triptych of pictures can lead to a stunning artwork for your own cooking walls, although it is important to think about how they will work together before you begin taking pictures.

The foundation for a photographic creativity can be as easy as a wrinkled film. Place a still lifes object on a pane of pane of glass containing a slice of black fabric underneath. Crush the paper, then smoothen it again and put it in the back.

Illuminate a desk or flashlight on the film and use a stand mount to select the largest opening in the objective to produce a lovely boom. Little heights often produce a lovely boukeh, so chains of light are ideal for this outing. Place your motif, in this case a jar, near the camcorder and keep the focal point on it.

Pinch the positions of the chains of highlights until it looks as if cold colored blisters are hovering out of the jar. Traces of sunlight can be used in all types of photography, but are ideal for a still lifes work. A normal Meglite flashlight can be used, but try to remove the end to expose the incandescent lamp and make the lighting more straight.

Apply some duct tapes to a colored soft sleeve that you can use as a temporary "gel".

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