Unique Restaurant Themes

Distinctive restaurant themes

100 of the most unique restaurant concepts in the word Presenting a unique restaurant design for your new company is not an effortless job. One of the most popular restaurant conceptions is to offer the guest an unforgettable event, but the current lack of awareness of the local markets makes it hard to offer a truly unique one. So, what's a new restaurant proprietor supposed to do?

That' s why we have compiled a shortlist of 100 restaurant ideas to make your juice flow. It is the world's first - and only - underwater restaurant offering its visitors a 270 degree panorama of the marine animals of the Maldives with 14 seats. More than 45 different destinations around the globe Take your eating experiences to new levels with Dinner in the Sky.

Floating over 160 ft in the sky, this unique restaurant accommodates 22 courageous guests and three staff. Mammoth Mountain Inn - 9,600 ft high - with views of the snow-capped summits of the east Sierra lands. Situated on a Spanish island, this restaurant boils its food through an activity volcano pit in the soil.

Paris, France Looking for a unique way to relax? The Sur un Arbre Perché gives you exactly that when you sit in a rocking chair for the entire duration of your meal. Toronto, Canada A restaurant that supports the hearing-impaired society offers guests the unique ability to interact with their co-workers using ASL.

Have you ever heard of a $1,000 fritata? Norma's imaginative breakfasts are reasonably priced, but with good reason: the stew is prepared from a lump of hummer on a roast potato mattress and ends with a bunch of horseaviar. Trust Cavets, Ukraine Burial company owning, Eternity provides a creepy eating pleasure.

This restaurant is constructed as a reflection of a life-size casket. The Loloret de Mar, Spain Looking for a world-shaking eating adventure? This restaurant itself looks like a penitentiary, with slide gates, metallic flooring and steel rods. Visitors eat in prisons, serviced by waiter in prisoner uniform with stripes in dark and red. Throughout Toronto and Montreal, Canada Enjoy meals, beverages and conversations like never before by losing your way in front of the front doors.

As you dine in total obscurity, you will be waited on by partially sighted staff. If you are looking for a unique restaurant in New York, this restaurant's waiter is clothed in motifs of warriors like the ninja that delivers your order with a pinch of punchuck tips. Clark Quay, Singapore The Singapore dinner in this medically-influenced restaurant includes entry through a "mortuary", sitting in a wheeled chair at an operation desk and searching a tray of surgery instruments to get your hands on a set of flatware.

Forbes Island was constructed in 1975 and completes this unique adventure with its submarine dinning rooms and lounge area. On Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Diners at Rogo's, orders have to be placed on a pill, which is then shipped directly to their plate via a 12 metre long helix. Enjoy dinner on the mountain top in this popular skiing region, which is reached by a round trip on the Qual chairlift.

Amsterdam, Netherlands This restaurant in Amsterdam, run by kids (5-12 years old), is designed to give these young people all the subtleties of running a restaurant. Halifax, Canada Now a nice fish restaurant, The Five Fisherman was formerly a burial parlour where 1912 were Titanic and 1917 Halifax explosions killed.

Spokane, Washington The Steam Plant was founded as a homage to the dawn of the industry revolutions, so guests can eat in a giant kettle while being treated to favourites such as Manila mussels in Cutter's Pale Ale, which is locally made. This multi-sensory California event encompasses uncommon dining, musical and dance experiences as well as experiential and avant-garde performance lives.

But that' s not all - our customers indulge in a four-course, international menu and lie stylishly on blankets. Visitors are serviced by waiteresses who dress as cabin crew - but fortunately there is more to choice from than just hens and game. In San Pablo, Philippines, dining at Villa Escudero means having a nice dinner while sitting at the bottom of a cascade whose legs are immersed in calf-deep waters.

Zach Neil's Tim Burton Restaurant was a fusion of the movies of the visionary filmmaker, the sounds of The Cure and the arts of Salvador Dali. Utsunomiya, Japan You can't help playing around in this Japan restaurant. you will be serviced by a series of five enchanting butler monkeys.

Across the USA if there is one thing you won't find in this US restaurant, his habits. Tokyo, Japan The kitchen style is all in the name; fully dedicated to the cannibalist subject, waiteresses clothed like a nurse push out their susphi, in the form of a torso, on a stretcher.

Whistler, Canada This heli-dining adventure will take your après-ski to the next step. Helicopters take guests on a frozen mountain range to an open-air breakfast with breathtaking view of the hinterland horizon. Livingstone, Zambia These tree house cabins, furnished with terraces by candlelight overlooking the Zambezi Rivers, allow guests to enjoy a sunset evening like never before.

The unique commercial approach of the Pay As You Please company serves basic dishes such as pizzas, instant pizzas, instant meals and appetizers and brings you through the doors safely. After the hike you will be greeted with chili generallfredo and New York stripsteak. London, UK While this was a pop-up, the imaginative breakfasts ideas that Porridge Cafe was still noteworthy, because we have never seen a restaurant design so focused on bringing out the traditional dull breakfasts.

Guests could select from a 11 grain rotary diet, which included buckwheat and Quinoa, with interesting coatings such as the persimmon stew, peach seed, bell pepper and agaves hazelnut. Milwaukee, Wisconsin According to the CIA's secure home policy, this "top secret" restaurant needs a guest access code to allow guests to access the building.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania This restaurant exclusively offers meals served in places where the USA is in competition. Tokyo, Japan This Tokyo restaurant makes its guests look like a royal family: when they enter, they are led to a full-length glass where they are asked: "Who is the most beautiful of all? Indulge in an night of bellydance and finely spiced Morrocan cuisine, amid the midst of tropical jewels and spicy tones of tent lounge and Morrocan cuisine.

Visitors to this Chicago restaurant will always be surprised as they don't know what they're getting until it's serviced. Every one of the months there's a different all-day pet festival, cooked by Brian Jupiter, but visitors don't know what's serving until it's on their plates. Meguro-ku, Tokyo Niagara provides a unique rail travel adventure.

This Napa Valley restaurant brings food and drink on the trail. Guests are gliding past the vineyard of California's winelands in renovated Vista Dome wagons of the twentieth centuries, from the unique boundaries of this mahogany-clad platoon. If you think you've eaten the freshest shellfish, this Tokyo restaurant will make you think.

In Zauo the guest receives a pole and lure, after which he should go angling. Savusavu, Fiji This Fijian resorts has visitors dining under a cavern arch on the Koro Sea outline. Equipped with pick-up flares along the lavafel, clients take in the stunning views of the tropical forest while enjoying the capture of the sun.

Chicago, Illinois Comfort Food takes The Ledge at Skydeck to new levels, offering iconic Chicago Giordano's and Oysters Rockefeller icons in a selection of personal crystal cabinets that extend beyond the Willis Tower's 103rd story, with the city's highlights sparkle 1,353ft underneath. London, England While you enjoy the tasty pan-Asian kitchen, the circus guests are amazed with impromptu appearances.

No matter if it' aerobatics, Juggling or just a little Clownerie, the guest doesn't know what they are getting into until it happens in front of them. Chicago, Illinois This Speakeasy-themed restaurant will take you back in history. You' ll have the feeling that you' re one of those Al Capone people because everyone is daring and flaccidly clad - as if they were drinking and eating with celebrity lawless men from the twenties before a musical and funny show.

Visitors savour a unique kitchen as they dangle from a nest-like tree pod in a thick wood overlooking the stunning Koh Kood coast. Nelke, Washington, entering this fully medieval designed restaurant, asks visitors to keep contemporary devices such as cell phones and camera at the doors to relish the food items inspiring the fourteenth centage.

Opened in 1932, this trendy and redesigned restaurant has nothing common about it. California history is vivid and good at Clifton's, from padded bisons to a huge counterfeit redwood sticking out through the restaurant. Lucky Cheng's pioneered the idea of being dined by sumptuous dragoons of glamour, Lucky Cheng's offers a three-course Asian-American food with a dash of satirical entertainment, humor and Asiatic dancing by other dragoons of queen.

New York's unique restaurant is a complete dining entertainments pack that gets visitors to talk after they leave. Listen to a party of unusual Dinnerboxes, with Flankensteaks and Spinatkuchen, which take three hour before the opening of the drapes the place. From Salt Lake City, Utah to Utah Islanders, an "evening snowshoeing adventure" will take place along a lantern-lit pinewood forest, after which a group of no more than 24 people will be able to sample a $125 per capita culinary menu cooked directly in front of them for no more than 24 people.

Watch lunar views of the Gro Ventre Butte as you travel through the National Elk Refuge before stepping into a hot tipi where visitors set off for a party of free-range mountain ox, premium spareribs and smoked salmon. Take in the views of the Gro Ventre Butte and the National Elk Refuge. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson comes to live in this British restaurant with animated gauls and mad men in Caps.

Concord, Massachusetts This restaurant in Massachusetts has taken jail lunches quite seriously, as all lunches are served by detainees as part of the Northeastern Correctional Centre's dining programme. To get to dinner, clients must go through jail safety, where they can savor a fixed prize, a snack made out of scratches, for $3.21.

Lonesome visitors are delighted! ICHIRAN' s goal is to reduce the enjoyment of all unnecessarily distracted food - as well as enhancing your sense of well-being - in order to improve the sensorial enjoyment of frame-dinner. Moscow, Russia The name says it all: This restaurant in Russia is entirely occupied by Gemini. Couples dress in matching uniforms, look after the bars and serve burger and slice of bread to each other.

Lakewood, Colorado An arctic jumble of amusement with an adjoining restaurant, Casa Bonita has everything from hiking performers to arcades, but the Acapulco-style cavers that jump into the cascade and swimming pools are a public favourite. Bangkok, Thailand No tip for your servers in this Tokyo high-tech restaurant - all your customers will be serviced by Hajme robotic staff who are fully staffed to distribute any items from their over 100-strong menus to bust desks and amuse your customers with one or two dances.

This state of the-art laundrette allows you to pick up a burgers in the adjoining restaurant while you are waiting for your clothing to get dried. You' ll have a truly out-of-this-world adventure in this unique New York theme restaurant in Times Square Spaces.

In the USA, with 16 sites around the world, we owe the Oscar-winning Forrest Gump movie for this filmically inspiring sea fruit adventure. Night evenings are a particular pleasure, as the visitors see the kittens eating cats' feed in small glas dishes placed in a circular pattern around a standard light.

A restaurant where veggies are the major draw? Although this kind of cooking may not seem like much entertainment, Amanda Cohen's restaurant brings the vegeterian idea to its most logic end. The first New York vegetable-oriented restaurant in the neighborhood, dirty cancer is a leading exponent of the veggie growth trend.

California, San Francisco Enter the 1940s style Thai style in this cheesy restaurant in California, where coctails are dined on Thai ships and thunder showers take place every half hours. Your name means drink, conversation, food - and you get all three... in your sack! Amsterdam, Netherlands Food and wine and designer merge in this sophisticated restaurant.

Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing let their creative ideas run through the cuisine, and create meals based on themes such as "honesty", "flowers" or "water". Chicago, Illinois Who knew some of the best fallafel in Chicago is found in the back of a jeweler's shop. Taipeh City, Taiwan Province This quaint restaurant began to sell choco-ice in containers in the form of tiny restrooms, but then the approach began, which led to what is now a full-fledged restaurant on the subject of bathrooms.

Nevada, Las Vegas Sometimes the unique kitchen is associated with a serious hazard to your heath. A restaurant has never been so clumsy at delivering bad meals like the Sin City Cardiac Infarction Grill. The founder Jon Basso is carrying around with him a "bag of ashes" which, in his opinion, belongs to a benefactor who passed away from a cardiac infarction in his restaurant.

olorado Springs, Colorado Hop on the 1953 Boeing KC-97 fuel cell aircraft, as an eulogy to aviation histories to relish some flight-related menus such as the " runtime crashy Chicken strip " and " airline towers nachos ". In honour of the perilous circumstances in which fishermen in Japan find themselves forced to serve meals on their dishes, this restaurant will actually do you good if you don't end every bit of meal on your dish.

In order to get in, guests have to say "open sesame" to a bookshelf. In the Museum of Modern Art PS1, in a former educational facility made of bricks, M. Wills Dinette pays tribute to the town' s past. Matching the restaurant topic the guests sit at tables with synthetic stools, the spezials are scrawled on a classical blackboard and the food is prepared on metal canteens.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Michelin celebrity Gert Jan Hageman transformed this 26-foot tall greenhouse into a restaurant and children's day-care centre. Nowhere else will you find fresh produce, as the produce used in De Kas is picked at dawn in the fields on the same days you eat there. This electrical restaurant on Captiva Island is equipped with classical 1930' and'40' toy, with travelling train circling all three levels.

From a small one-room restaurant, it has evolved into a multi-layered restaurant that occupies all three floors of the building from which it originates. Canada Diners at The Pointe Restaurant in Canada's famous tropical restaurant The Pointe are blest with a 240-degree glimpse of the stomping surge crashing into the cliffs around the Pacific.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania A few floors below the Bube's Brewery in Lancaster, guests savour exquisite wine, locally produced breweries and classical delights set in stone-paved cloisters. Sweatshop in Paris combining art and craft to make your café lying more prolific than ever. Montreal's restaurant offers you an indoors surf centre and a restaurant all in one.

Eat 22 metres above the surface on this lofty flight off the Amsterdam coastline. This restaurant is open for lunches and three-course dinners on the premises of a former piano and television broadcasting area. Tokyo, Japan This biblical-gothic theme restaurant in Tokyo adds an extraordinary sacredness to the eating pleasure.

Chicago, Illinois Chicago Restaurant Alinea is at the top of many gourmets' pail list. Eating becomes a real artistic activity, with menus such as urchins and snows, which Alinea has ensured as number seven in the 50 best San Pellegrino cuisine. Visitors are serviced by the prisoners themselves - appropriately - together with flatware made of plastics.

Chelsea, New York If you are looking for kitsch in the middle of New York, the Trailer Park Lounge is for you. Melbourne, Australia Zingara Cucina is a pioneer of strange places; from parking lots to alleys, roads, viaducts and arteries, this restaurant has no permanent home and changes venue often. Shizuoka, Japan This Jap coffee house has taken a stunning turn from classical open-air styling and combines its internal aesthetics with road use.

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