Unique Themes for Android

Unrivalled designs for Android

Get 6 unique Android starters to get you to leave your Stock Home Screen " Android I am often hesitant to use a home display launcher other than the one in store on my Android. Having used several third-party launches on my machine, I have to say that the share options should be your last. A number of designers are committed to creating the best launch experiences for Android customers, most of whom provide functionality your floor-launcher can' t achieve.

Whilst there are many third-party launches that behave similar to a stick launchers - such as Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex - there are crowds of others that really make a difference to the overall experience. In order to limit your choice for a home display substitute, today I will go over six free and unique launches that you should definitely try out.

It is something we previously uncovered before it was available in the Google Play Store, and it is the Nokia device stick launchers (which run Android). What makes this product worthwhile for outside Nokia is its ease of use. For quicker retrieval, the Home Menu shows the most recently used applications for something you're more likely to use.

You can also easily sketch on the home page to browse applications, friends or the web. When you need a widget, it can be used on the start menu on the top right, so your home page stays minimized and straight. Have you ever been described as "anal retentive"? You might want to try the egotistically called EverythingMe Launcher on which the Mozilla operating system is made.

As well as handy subdivisions of your applications into music, entertainment and social files, this launch tool also features a nice little prediction bar that will anticipate your needs and give you the applications you need depending on your contexts and activities. There is also a Quick Contacts page to the right of the menu and some easy gesture that make elementary exercises a breeze.

To some, function is a subordinate need beyond the aesthetic pleasurable, and that is exactly what Themer is all about. A Themer does exactly what its name suggests; it thematizes your machine with lightness. They are all free and fully customisable, and ten new themes are added every month, making it hard not to find anything to like.

Designs feature unique symbol packages and user-defined widgets so you can customize your machine as often as you like. Though there are over 800,000 free themes to choose from, the Buzz launcher doesn't have what makes it unique, but is simply really round and a great alternate to any stick launch.

It has the themes section below, but in addition it also contained features that make access to various features of the launchers much faster. It' hard to go through all the adjustment choices of this launch tool, but I'm going to point out that you can exert some pretty nice transitions when you scroll through the startup screens. What I' m going to say is that you can use some nice transitions effect when you scroll through the startup screen.

Whilst most of these launches offer customisation or feature choices, the CM launcher from the developers who gave you Clean Master tries to improve your power and keep your unit safe. Unique functions included in this launch include an anti-virus motor, a storage Booster and a Power Saver application that tries to prolong your batteries time.

Booster is located on the home page and only needs you to touch it to begin clearing the storage. For those of you who enjoy getting immersed in community life, try Flow Home. Turns your home page into a real-time feeder of your favourite online communities such as Facebook, Fedly, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

To some, the only use of a telephone is to keep up with popular news so that Flow Home makes it easy while giving you the essential features that traditional launcher launches offer. As soon as you log in to your community content account, your home page is a livedeed with contributions from the individuals you are following.

On the right is the pop-up tray with a useful searching feature, and you can attach your favourite applications to the context menus that you can access conveniently from the home page. These launch vehicles all contain added choices and functions that are definitely well worth researching, but hopefully one of these choices will vary you enough from your Lagerwerfer by offering you the added bonus of something you've been looking for.

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