Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

Singular ideas for the wedding theme

Lovely white sandy beaches are a great theme for a romantic and intimate wedding. At this carefree Bohemian wedding, decorations inspired by good old-fashioned days at sea were used. The soft colours, soft lighting and many flowers make for a romantic wedding. There' no decoration, no theme, no problem. Historical wedding themes.

Thirty unique wedding reception ideas

Begin the celebration long before your wedding anniversary with a great wedding website (no IT diploma required). Let your visitors come in contact with Instagram feeds or even Instagram feeds so you and your visitors can capture the tag as it was. You are not sure where to begin your wedding plan?

Join our Style Quiz and we'll put together an individual wedding quiz and vendor that's just right for you. Then, build a free, personalised wedding website to inform (and excite!) your invitees about your plan, and a time-saving guest list manager to organise yourendees. Synchronize your guest list manager and wedding website to keep everything up to date all at once.

The Harry Potter wedding theme

Looking for an uncommon wedding theme? No matter whether you're looking for a zombie-inspired dead wedding or a mystic Harry Potter scandal, there's sure to be something that will appeal to your more edgy side here. Zoya bride got her bridegroom JP in beautiful Lulworth Castle in a wedding with wedding motifs of pirates. Her wedding was wonderfully conceived and had delicate references to her iconic motif with personalized wedding gifts, deep rums and a fun pie top.

However, the theme really came to the fore at the front desk, where the guest was followed by a flashmob of look-alikes from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Here, the theme of the event was "Pirates of the Caribbean". Captain Jack conducted another outdoor ritual to crown it all - how astonishing is that? Both Jennifer and Rob have tie up the knots in an extreme scary wedding with zip themes to mark the start of the Dead Island Riptide zip-videogame.

Wedding took place in One Mayfair, London, which turned into a Caribbean heaven that went to hell. The wedding ceremony took place in tepees decorated with flagpoles, and everyone danced in front of everyone's music. The use of wedding tags and bale of bale of hay as well as large ballons is something we like.

For those of you who enjoy the Alice -in-Wonderland-style wedding concept, this fantastic shooting is part of the "Ever After" show by US wedding designer Sarah Kathleen. Well, if you like that, you'll like our edition of Disney wedding cake. So Christopher and Anna have tried so hard to get married with the theme of Doctor Who, and that shows!

All the personal accents we loved and how seriously they took their wedding theme. Kudos to the bride's dad, who rebuilt one from the ground up for this wedding. Starvation games and wedding plans are not exactly two things that go together, but when wedding photographer Maria Tobias declared: "I was really excited about the concept of loving in the middle of chaos," we understood it.

Dear Mervids? Are you in love with the little mermaid? And if so, you'll enjoy this stunning little mermaid-inspired shooting style that shows you how to make this wedding theme happen in a way that's truly contemporary and slick. Oh, we also adore the bride's gold gown! Most of all we like Alice's flowers and her footwear - they are both perfectly nodding to the theme.

When you' re looking for more ideas, don't miss our Super Hero Wedding Guides. If you think of Game of Thrones, you might think of the 'Red Wedding' - but it doesn't have to be that way! The wedding shooter Mollie Tobias has designed a Game of Thrones based thematic wedding shooting to show that it doesn't have to be catastrophic; it can be quite bloodily (sorry!) astonishing.

On their wedding anniversary Vicky and Ben had a lot to party, so they made it to a theme based Mardi Grassday. That theme is a great idea if you tie the knot at a fun wedding location, and it gives everyone an excuse to be great children for the day. What a great way to make a wedding happen! The fact that the new married couple have drawn their faces and that they are not afraid to climb on the inflatable is something we like!

Cross Mary Poppins with a little steam punk for a great wedding theme - who would have thought that? If you are not a Star Wars fan, you are sure to find yourself in raptures at this wonderful wedding. Jay and Mike didn't exaggerate their theme, but their delicate accents were just enough to let you know what inspired their wedding.

which show charming looking Stormtrooper. Are you a nature lover, but do you still have the feeling that you are a little beyond the traditional trends? Robin Hood thematic wedding, you need to believe us. Moreover - how astonishing is this desert tray, even the crunchy bouche - it is ideal if you are looking for an option for wedding cakes.

Anne and Brandon decided to get married in a current Wizard of Oz theme garden that is open for celebrations. You really went all out with your stunning wedding theme and picked the right frame for it - why not check out our editorial of unique wedding locations if you like their styles?

Keara and David became creatively involved with their wedding theme and even let the maid of honor wear pointy ear to hug the elven music. Are you a literary enthusiast and enjoy this great concept? Don't miss our collection of beautiful wedding locations from all over the world. When you' re a boo hen, you'll like this shooting stile Pocahonta inspires.

Ground y shades and naturally styled accessoires are a perfect match for a boys wedding outfit. And we also adore the fact that the groom rocks mocassins - shallow wedding slippers are a must, even if they are only for the soiree. Looking for more original inspirations for the wedding theme, see 29 ways to organize a Rapunzel wedding....

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