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Unlaunch of Unstock - Envato-Foren A little more than 12 month ago we published a small selection of high class pictures 46 with the title Unstock. Like Collis said back then, Unstock was "basically a big test"! As you may have already seen in our recent announcements about our new photo approaches, the test is complete and we are now taking the step to enhance the photo experience in Photodune!

Now that we have a wider emphasis on photo content and image content, we have chosen to turn off the Unstock website and redirect all our visitors back to PhotoDune. However, the pictures available in Unstock are still available in PhotoDune, so you should find them anyway. The Unstock test for us was an interesting trip - the whole website was created by the Unstock staff in only 2 week.... although it took a little more work to get it up and running.

Are pictures selling better when there is less but higher overall picture value? Unstock's results were amazing - our key figure was sales per frame (RPI). In the first few month RPI was done for unstock photography with 40 times more PhotoDune pictures... but were these results due to higher resolution pictures?

And we think it's a mix of all these things, and it all feeds our new photographic approaches. And as @adfit11 stated in our recent announcements, we will simplify pricing option, create a smaller but higher value repository, and review our license. Hopefully this will help give a wider perspective to our change in the way we look at photography and thanks again for all your help and we sincerely trust that you are as enthusiastic about the photo futures as we are!

It seems, then, between the rows that are said to make it extremely difficult for a photographer to get something authorized, just like it does with audiovisual jungles and video hives, which, of course, seems to inadvertently discrimination everyone without the best gear in the whole wide range. When your gear isn't enough, your things couldn't have been authorized anyway, changes or not, it's more about good looking, commercial usable contents than it is about technological problems.

Every halfway tidy ADSLR with a good objective should be enough.... it's what you do with it that matters. If your gear isn't enough, your gear wouldn't have been allowed anyway, any half-decent ADSL with a good objective should do...it's what you do with it that matters.

It' definitely about gear, you're not selling stick pictures you take with a $300 holidaycam. So if you want to highlight a particular element on Photodune that is an " old film ", or one that was made with a supercomputer, I would be tempted to believe you... but there is none!

Ancient films may have been successful, but that doesn't mean they would be licensed on Photodune. And I said a neat ADSLR with a good objective. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a holiday cam is a proper DSLR with a good objective and it is very unlikely that you can record a proper one with a good objective for $300.

But the point is, you don't need a supercomputer to take a picture on Photodune. Somehow, I suppose, but does that mean they should take things recorded on telephones, on cams? Shall they agree to GraphicRiver articles made in Paint so as not to discrimination those who cannot affordable Photoshop or Illustrator?

Ancient films may have been successful, but that doesn't mean they would be licensed on Photodune. Shall they agree to GraphicRiver articles made in Paint so as not to discrimination those who cannot affordable Photoshop or Illustrator? Weren't the pictures on Unstock also much stranger and more singular than most things on Photodune?

Their results were all easily explainable by the fact that they focused so many recessed images on a small scale that they would inevitably produce a lot of sales, as the simplest way was to find something unusual that would not normally be found on any other site.

The simplification of price option is also commercially irrational and would ultimately result in the bleeding of Fotodune due to disproportionate price increases at a given Pixel Scale, as compared to rival sites that would allow purchasers to buy only what they want, in different scales. It is not that Envato carried out an analytical test to provide a powerful argument for easier licencing leading to an RPI increment, but that is only a cosmetical feature, which means that they would only have to pack the peak of the license option in a more enjoyable and perceptible way.

Writers are admitted and can then upload what they want after a first check. But, yes, the number of writers that will be authorized will be much smaller than the amount that will be denied. justifiably so... the whole point of the test was that it showed that a smaller quantity of high value articles is much better than a huge quantity of different qualities.

It can be a poor thing for those who did not have good value articles, but how many sells did they make? If you have considered the amount of screen verification and the associated upload, merchandising and host ing/hosting cost... Envato would hardly pay for it, so something had to be done.

Writers are admitted and can then upload what they want after a first check. If you already have a correspondingly round increase in the number of stock photographs. Just taking snapshots in alcove image size won't give you the usual things to look for and buy.

As I said, the results could easily be accounted for by the mere focus of one-off and one-off photographs, since Fotodune already provided what the mass of humans needed, and of course there are fewer images on non-stock, so the total turnover of the platforms is split by a smaller number.

Others have shown that a way to success is not necessarily something that has been shown by selling out inventories, it is to provide the most economical grade at the cheapest prices for the most popular items. When Envato makes a product that is constantly being sought after, but which makes it better than anyone else, it will appeal to more customers than a small amount of high-quality snapshots.

This means, in fact, that the response is somewhere between the extremes of selling out and the extremes of those who produce only ordinary articles. Clearly, there is an optimum set up for results that blends the satisfaction of the majority of customers' needs with the allocation of resource to only the most uniquely (and relatively) valuable articles.

When this is the case and they do not earn a living, then this is already their own incentive to increase their level of service if they can. When they make this little and they still don't increase their perceived value, point it's the Lappic as if they were never authorized in the point cognition, so they'd fitting stronghold submission a record to be authorized instead of submission representation that can kind a selling.

Envato is the best choice for competitive platform solutions. So why do folks go to shutterstock 5 pond or sound snap or iStock when it's more difficult to look there for things and they're twice as costly? This is a big issue for AJ's DM staff, Envato undercuts all key broadcast industry sectors but is not the largest provider for a particular group.

Could you help these guys?

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