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Wedding ideas on the wedding theme

As many great ideas that are really worthy as the Photo Booth sign below. Anyone have ideas for a subtle way to integrate an up-theme into a wedding? Honeymoon wedding decoration makes us feel lucky when we talk about the canine.

She and Stephen had a very Disney-Pixar' s Up wedding special for their wedding in Reno, Nevada. We speak of hot-air ballon burning centrepieces, bow ballon cakes, lemonade, Carl and Ellie styles letterbox cards, ballon thick prints and ballon bullets in abundance. It' as if her romance blew up in colour and we got soaked with it.

Let's take a look at all the up-themed wedding d├ęcor and listen to the pair themselves. The wedding was designed by Carl and Ellie from Disney-Pixar's Up. We' ve had a nod in the whole wedding thing. There was a letterbox with our prints and our name, the witnesses carried flies and "Ellie Badges", our ring carrier and "Sprinkle Boy" were clad as Carl and Russell from the film ( full with a walker), and we tried to integrate ballons and vibrant colours into our decoration.

Also we tried to make everything really personally for us and our interests, so that there were during the whole wedding geekige credentials. but we also made this great guide that shows the way to all our fictitious favourite targets (Hogwarts, Hyrule, Narnia, Westeros, etc.) Our pie had icons for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, and Star Wars built in.

Our musical ceremonies included all of our favourite film and TV show sound tracks (see The Geek Wedding Collection by Vitamin String Quartet). Please see the following link for more information. So we had a window of Carl and Ellie's home in Up and asked the folks to place their thumb prints as airballs and we had a letterbox for the folks that gave us a note of counsel, encourage, etc. We had a letterbox for the folks to send us.

We had a light bluish pie wrapped in a balloon with nerd ishmbols. To decorate the table, we have placed it so that everyone had a different light colour. And then we roofed them with tonnes of Mason glasses (clear and glittering), hurricanes and hand-made hot-air hot-air balloons, LED's all on them.

Most cool part was that we got coloured LED's for the ballons, so they changed from colour to the colour of their tables when it got black. The lights we had for the dancing were broken, which added more colour during the course of the darkness, and we used them for our broken light exits at the end of the darkness.

Do you do it Disney at your wedding?

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