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In your web browser, go to the Tools>Internet Options>General tab. To update your browser.

Cool Desktops Browser

Newest Browser: Touch any browser on the leftside to find out more about them. You' re currently using Chrome 60, for which an update is strongly encouraged! You' re currently using Chrome 60, for which an update is available. You' re currently using the latest release of Chrome. Upgrading your browser only requires a little effort, but increases your web browsing enjoyment.

Once updated, you can surf more quickly and safely. You can also learn more about the Chrome functions. Chrome is a web browser designed by Google and is free of charge. In 2008 it was first published as a Microsoft Windows release. StatCounter estimated that Google Chrome had 51% of the world's web browser users as a desktops browser in January 2015, making it the most widely used browser for smart phones.

Before you try it, learn more about Chrome. Learn more about Safari before you try it. The Microsoft Edge is a Web browser designed by Microsoft and built into the company's Windows 10 OS that replaces Microsoft Explorer as the standard Web browser for all equipment categories.

Before you try it, learn more about Edge. Learn more about Firefox before you try it. Before you try it, learn more about using it. Before you try it, please learn more about Opera. It is an effort to update as many old browser versions as possible.

For the time being, it is only intended for desktops. Are you using a moveable terminal equipment.

Guide to updating various web browser

It is very important that you keep your web browser up to date. Obsolete web browser can cause serious safety issues. If you are using an older web browser, you will probably also miss out on useful and fun new functions supported by a newer browser. A lot of beloved sites like Gmail and Facebook no longer work with older browser versions.

Luckily, most web browser updates itself so that you always use the latest one. We' ve got a set of instructions that show you how to get your browser to search for new releases. When you want to associate your website with our guidebooks (or create a hyperlink through your helpdesk), we have developed a convenient redirect UL R that redirects your users to the right one.

There is no need to click on the browser and OS symbols.

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