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Update a (older) elegant theme WordPress theme The majority of theme creators make it effortless to update them using the WordPress dashboard. Because topic upgrades often go along with WordPress upgrades, it is important to know how to perform your upgrades without issues and conflict. Most designs are as straightforward as just click on a shortcut - after you have made a full back-up, as I described in How to Update WordPress.

After you have not upgraded your Elegant Themes theme in a while, you must update it manual before you can include the Auto-Update feature. Please click here for information on how to set up the automatic update feature. Whilst there are abbreviations that you are trying to take, the steps I outline here will update your topic as they give you the assurance that you know that if something goes awry, you can fix it with minimum effort and effort.

Screenshots can be made with this software. It can be something like Evernote or OneNote, or a utility to turn screenshots into pictures. You have to do it before you even think about upgrading this topic: Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance / Chameleon Theme Options. Using OneNote (part of the Microsoft Office Suite), I create screenshots very quickly and simply.

Screenshot tools like Snagit also work great. When you don't have any, you can use the PRINT SCREEN buttons on a Windows computer and then insert the image into a software like Paint. Identify the best way for you, but make sure you get a full size image with all the options on each tabs - you may need to scroll a bit.

Login to your Elegant themed account and browse down to the available topics listed below. As soon as you have found yours (I use chameleon for this example), click on the Download button. Topic pack or PSD files. Select the theme pack. Go to Appearance / Topics in your dashboard. Enable another theme - for example, Twenty Twelve, which comes with WordPress.

Your Elegant Themes theme will be deactivated by this. As soon as you have selected another design, click the Delete pushbutton to delete it. If you delete the topic file, the information associated with the topic remains in your databases. On the Install Themes page, click Upload.

Choose the zipped archive you download from Elegant Themes and click Install Now. Press the Activate Buttons. Visit Appearance / Chameleon Theme Options and check that all your preferences have been correctly applied. You just did a manually update of the design. You' re really rockin' WordPress now! In the future, use the following steps to configure automatic refresh so that you do not have to do this again.

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