Update my Browser

Refresh my browser

You' re currently using for which an update is highly recommended! Currently, you are using an update for which an update is available. Most Internet users consider your browser to be their window to the Web. You will also fix the security risks that are present in your current browser.

What should I update my web browser for?

Now more than ever, Web sites are taking advantage of all the new functionality that today's Web browser offers; HTML5 movie and sound, enhanced JavaScript, and stylesheet style all depend on you having a Web browser today. Unless you are using the latest release of your web browser, you are likely to miss some of the latest functions.

A lot of webpages ( incl. very big ones like Gmail, YouTube and Facebook ) have discontinued support for older browser releases. When you run something that is very outdated, you probably won't be able to use some or all of the functions of these webpages. Using an outdated web browser that contains weak points in your browser could put your computer at great danger from thieves.

Your personally identifiable information (including email, bank account information, on-line purchases, photographs and other confidential information) may be lost or misappropriated as a result of the vulnerability. When your computer's safety is threatened, you also run the threat of being used as an "intermediary" in on-line criminality or as an ignorant peasant in major assaults against other web surfers or businesses.

Even if your personally identifiable information is not taken, your computer can be transformed into a "zombie;" sendin' tons of junk email a single working day, as well as being compelled to take part in denial-of-service attack against other Web sites without your even knowing it. Be sure to patch and update your web browser by following your provider's directions.

When your OS no longer support today' browser, it's your turn to update! A number of web browser (such as Chrome and Firefox) have an auto-update function by default. However, this is not always the case. Browser such as Safari and IE contain the latest version of the latest version of their OS. In our instructions for updating your web browser, you will find details to ensure that you are up to date.

Ideally, everyone in an Ideal Worlds would only work with today's web browser. Not only would it make the user more secure and enable a richer and more pleasant experience; it would also make the life of web developers and system administrators much simpler and more pleasant and save customers and businesses a lot of dollars by eliminating the need to maintain outdated applications.

They can help by telling their boyfriends and girlfriends to keep their web browser up to date.

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