Update my Internet Browser

Refresh my Internet browser

Series of tutorials showing how to update different web browsers. You can download and install Firefox and Chrome by visiting their respective websites (with a different browser). As soon as you have your browser of choice, it's even easier to update it. Safari updates are no longer available for PCs.

Can I update my Internet browser?

Most Internet surfers consider your browser to be their web browser. While there are many different types of browser, four of them make up over 95 per cent of all today's browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari[Source: StatCounter]. Developers who develop web browser update them continuously, add new functions, improve their performances, change their appearance and improve browser safety.

Vicious attackers and websites can take advantage of browser vulnerabilities and contaminate your computer with malware, Trojan horses and virus infections. Periodic browser upgrades fix vulnerabilities when they are discovered, and make your computer more secure from these kinds of threats. It' simple to get an Internet browser. It is preinstalled with Internet Explorer and Safari with Apple OS.

You can download and install Firefox and Chrome by browsing their websites (using a different browser). As soon as you have your browser of your choosing, it's even simpler to update it. IE upgrades are part of Windows system upgrades, so as long as you keep Windows up to date, this is IE as well.

Simply run Windows Update from your Start Menu to see if there are any available or not. You will see Internet Explorer upgrades itemized under Important Upgrades. When Windows is configured to update itself it will also keep IE up to date. Firfox will notify you when an update is available, and you can search for an update by clicking the Search for Update buttons (find it by opening the Help window and choosing About Firefox).

In fact, when it runs, Chrome will update itself, and you can also search manual for an update in the About Chrome drop-down list. If an update is available for Safari, you will receive an alert "App updates available". You' ll be taken to the Apple Retail Store, where you can update all your application with available upgrades, including Safari.

It is also possible to search for Safari software upgrades by going to the Software upgrades drop-down box from the Apple OS drop-down box. Keep your Internet browser up to date with automated updating and alerts, so you should always have the latest safety locks and functionality for your favourite browser.

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