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Wordpress update option

I' m creating the option for the admin theme in WordPress, everything works perfectly, except an "Update Option" function, when I make changes via the options admin panel and save changes, I get the message "Options settings saved", but when I check my page, I see that nothing has been changed. Option() apply_filters ('pre_update_option', $value, $option, $old_value) ; returnvalid ; false ; $autoload ='yes' ;

returnvalue add_option ( $option and $value add_option are the same ones as the ones above, $autoload, $serialize_value) '', $serialized_sera peut-être )$value

do_action('update_option', $option, $old_value, $value, $value);'option_value' => $serialized_value, ) ; $update_args['autoload'] = ('no' ====== $autoload ||||| falsch ====== $autoload) ? ? uset( $notoptions[$option])) ; wp_cache_set('notoptions', $notoptions,'options') ; $alloptions = wp_load_alloptions() ;

_value_sérialisée_$ ; wp_cache_set('alloptions', $alloptions, $alloptions,'options') ; wp_cache_set( $alloption, $serialized_value,'options') ; do_action('update_option_option_option_{$option}", $old_value, $value, $value, $option) ; do_action('updated_option', $allocation, $altion, $v ;

<font color="#ffff00">Description

Basically, this is the same as update_option(), but works network-wide if you use WP Multisite. BOOLLEAN Wrong if the value has not been refreshed and Wrong if the value has been refreshed. Uses: apply_filters() - Call the checkmark'pre_update_site_option_$option' to allow the option value to be saved to be overwritten. Uses: do_action() - Call the 'update_site_option_$option' option and the 'update_site_option' option if successful.

3.4.0 - update_site_option() wurde von wp-includes/functions.php nach wp-includes/option.php verschoben. update_site_option() befindet sich in wp-includes/option.php.

Php - Update option in WordPress

Forgotten the else command, which retrieves and displays the option value. This is an explanation: Your Requestaire code is only a state with safe and restore operations, you are missing a regular behavior to show the option states. For example:'save''action''reset''action''action''action'' The $option you query at the top of the dialog refers to a name you have to specify uniquely, i.e.: my_theme_options['ID'], if you get the option, the storage option, you have to specify it.

Example:'my_theme_option'); to show your option value, you get it with $options['ID']; so to show an entry field, you need something like '' ; you have to change this in your first cycle with any entry or a selected forms day.

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