Update Salient Theme

Refresh the central theme

You can download the archive of ThemeForest's most important topics. Go to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress Dashboard. Please note our new guidelines: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/updating-salient/ .

Update anomaly - Excellent documentations

The theme design seems to be set back to the standard on the front of your website. You may experience this if you use the Move Dynamic/Custom CSS to External Stylesheet item in the Outstanding Preferences window > General Preferences > css/script related tab. However, don't worry, all you have to do to fix the problem is go to your Panel for Save on Changes dialog box for the distinctive design choices.

As a result, the dynamical style sheet is overwritten again and your style returns. When you use a sub theme, make sure you have no conflict by disabling it and using Salient's sub theme. When this works, go through the overwrites of your sub-topic and make sure that they have been refreshed to correspond to the higher-level source file.

Update your theme and plugin

Update of the topic: Please note our new guide: http://themenectar.com/docs/salient/updating-salient/ . Upgrading plug-ins works similarly, but each one is a little different. Below we have given details on how you can make sure that all your plug-ins are always up to date. Not only does it give you the latest functionality in each plug-in, it also protects your website from possible threat.

Because these plug-ins are maintained through the WordPress Plugin Repository, you will be alerted when an update is available that you can always dowload and deploy. The WordPress update procedure for these plug-ins is done by WordPress.

2 minutes topic update.

Upgrading the prominent theme is unbelievably straightforward, and as long as you have made all your changes to your website with a subordinate design, you don't have to be concerned about something being overridden. Method with the plugin "Easy Theme and Plugins Update" for 2 minutes: Go to Plugins -> Append a new menu in the WP Backend Dashboard and install the "Easy Theme and Plugins Update" plugin.

Navigate to Corporate Design -> Topics and press the "Add New" pushbutton. Answer A. Click the Upload Topic icon, and then select "Yes" in the Upgrade Existing? Drop-down list boxes. B. Select the latest Theme release that you download from the Themeforest download section. Visit your download page in your ThemeForest account.

Find and click the Download icon next to Outstanding. A drop-down menu should appear after you click the Download icon. From the drop-down list, choose Installable WordPress only to begin the download of a Salient.zip itself installation of WordPress. Click the Install Now pushbutton after selecting the Salient Theme.zip archive item.

Make sure that you choose "Yes" in the Upgrade topic already? Drop-down list boxes. D. Activate the topic. Now your topic is refreshed.

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