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Refresh the Wordpress Themeforest topic.

After installation, activation, and setup, the Envato Market plugin displays a message in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available. ThemeForest allows you to update the designs you purchase manually by using one of the following methods -. Can I update my ThemeForest Theme? 10% discount on our WordPress topics Use the voucher 10OFFTHEMES at the cash desk! You can update our WordPress topics to the latest versions in various ways: After installation, activation, and deployment, the Envato Market plug-in displays a message in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available.

Browse to the Envato Market pull-down box, followed the steps for generating a global OAuth personal token, and type the token into your WordPress dashboard: How to manuell installation a new theme version: Save the latest versions of the theme. Remove the old release and try reinstalling the latest release. It is not possible to download the new release while the old release is still in use.

NOTE: If adjustments have been made directly to the higher-level theme, they will be overridden when the theme is refreshed. We recommend that you use a subordinate design to make adjustments to the theme files.

Updating WordPress topics purchased from ThemeForest by hand - Dokumentation

Use FileZilla or a similar application to login to your FTP account. Change to the topic list that you want to update. Locate the topic file. FTP all the data in this file to the FTP location we found in #3 above. Here's a similar videotape that will give you an ideas.

You can download the Envato Toolkit plug-in from here. You can update topics purchased from ThemeForest with this plug-in. Another essay on this subject can be found here.

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Go to GitHub to get the plug-in. Once you have finished downloading the plug-in (by right click on "Download ZIP"), there are a few easy ways to get it to work. In order to connect your WordPress page to your Themeforest accounts, you must create an appropriate password.

Log in to Themeforest, go to your desktop and click "My Settings". Your theme buys will now be displayed on this page after they have been updated. It will now inform you about topic upgrades - provided you periodically review the tools kit preferences. To update them by default, click "Install automatically" next to each of your topics.

You can also go to the Toolskit Preferences page to add designs that you haven't yet submitted to your site, remove unused designs, and see release notes. It is also possible to create theme backup. Please make sure that you do not process the topic file! When you have a user-defined style sheet in your system, add it to the Customizing style sheet in the Theme Options > General pane.

In case you also want to change PHP-data, please use a sub-theme. It is also possible to update your design by FTP yourself. Go to your ThemeForest downloading agent and get the latest pack. Unpack it and use an FTP program to write over the topic directory on your FTP site.

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