Update Wordpress without Ftp

Refresh Wordpress without Ftp

WordPress plug-ins without FTP install & update[Quick Tip]. This article describes how to update and deploy WordPress plug-ins without FTP. When your web servers have written permission to the necessary data, they take automatic responsibility for updating and installing it. No FTP/SFTP or SSH connection is required for this approach, but it requires that you have specified rights to your web servers.

When it does, it will compare the property of the filename with its own suid, and if there is a coincidence, it will allow you to use the "direct" way to install plug-ins, themes, and/or upgrades. Note that if you change this to "direct", but your web users (the name under which your web servers runs) do not have correct writing privileges, you will get an issue.

To make sure that you do not (or cannot) want to modify the privileges for wp-content so that your web page has writing privileges, do the following: Saving & enjoying your installation & WordPress plug-in WordPress update without ftp!

Updating WordPress without FTP automation

WordPress will sometimes ask you for your FTP data when you try to update the kernel or plug-ins. It is a frequent problem where the WordPress system cannot type into your /wp-content directory, so you need to give WordPress an FTP account that can type into this directory. If you need to update WordPress in your own environment or in an environment without FTP connection, this is a nuisance, and then you need to know how to update WordPress without FTP connection manually.

Therefore, I will show you how to automatize the WordPress upgrades in a locale on a Mac OS X El Capitan with a natively Apache install. What we need to do is put this into Apache2.

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