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Avada Upgrade

Update Information PLEASE NOTE: It is always a good method and it is advised to perform a full data base back up before upgrading any of your programs. The following are some of the points to consider when upgrading to Avada 5.6. Event calendars have modified their templates with the page titles above the filters.

We' ve added a new Display Event Page Title located in Avada > Topic options > Event calendars > General Event calendars. There are 3 different states for the title of the event calender page: "The Display Event Page Title item is only displayed if the user is using the latest or later versions of the Event Page plug-in.

Updating the Avada themes without a Events Schedule will keep everything as it was. Javascript API allows more choices and customized style, but can be calculated by Google based on card load, while Embedding API can be used free of charge regardless of card load.

The Load Media Queries Files Asynchronously new for Avada 5.6 offers further improvements in cell phone and desk top capabilities. You can find this item under Avada > Topic > Avada options > Advanced> Dynamic CSS & JS. It is always a good suggestion to make sure you have an up-to-date back up of your website, which includes your web page contents directory, your wp-config. php files and your HTTP access files in your WordPress install directory, as well as a copy of your WordPress databases.

These allow you to return to your initial website if something unexpected happens during the upgrade procedure. When using the Revolution slider and adding customized style sheets, please make a back-up of the style sheets as they will be deleted during the upgrade. Alternatively, you can back up your Fusion themes options from the Back Up Tab under Appearance > Topic Options > Back Up.

It is recommended that you delete all prior Avada topic directories before you add the new topic directory, otherwise you may experience problems with the WP paths, etc. Renaming your topic directory during an upgrade will invalidate the location. The WordPress saves menu and widget options and some other options by directory name.

You' ll need to restore your Topic folders to their original names and your preferences, menu and widget items will be recovered. Create a copy of your topic before uploading the new topic. We always recommend resetting all of your existing system caches after an upgrade, as well as your topic memory, your web browsers, your plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache), and your servers memory.

Failure to update your design or Fusion Core after the new file has been uploaded is due to a server-side dataaching system. A number of hosters have implemented server-side security mechanisms to improve the performance of your web site. Please clear any server-side security or ask your web site to do so.

See our general information on caching, which describe the different types of caching and how to delete them. In Avada version 5. There is a dedicated Topic Option tool named "Reset Fusion Caches" that allows you to clear the topic memory. It can be found at Avada > Topic > Option > Advance > Dynamic CSS & JS.

When you have duplicated master data file from the top-level topic to the subordinate topic. Make sure you return to the topic first to verify that the problem is there. Otherwise, please refresh the sub-topic copy of the topic with the topic above. If you upgrade the design, your administrator will receive a notice that you need to upgrade the necessary and suggested plug-ins.

Please obey the instructions on the screen to update the plugins. The Fusion Core is the only plug-in you need and must be running and enabled for the themes to work. Always make sure you are using the latest Fusion Core plug-in release. It will prompt you to reinstall it when you reinstall or update your design.

When you reject the command line or do not see it, you can go to the page Appearance menu > Plugins to get the plug-in installed. Updating the plug-in is required every successive design upgrade.

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