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Each time you upgrade your WordPress theme to the latest version, please make sure you create a full backup of your website. Update your Theme to the latest available Flash release

Temporarily, you will loose most, if not all, of your adjustments when you upgrade (note, however, that the theme folders of earlier releases will not be overridden - but you should backup them and update your databases as usual before upgrading). This is inevitable even if you use a subordinate design.

It'?s in the natural process of advancement. Once you have done your best to customize your website, you will need to set up the new release in a test setting and begin migrating and customizing your changes to get the new release ready, if you want to be sure that it is just right before you go live with it.

If WordPress itself is updated, you may need to update to the latest theme releases to remain compliant. New theme releases have different file name. So you should be able to go to Appearance > Themes and enable the prior release to return to your prior state before the upgrade.

Always get the latest versions from your account: When you have made many adjustments, especially changes to your custom style sheet (CSS), even if you are using a minor design, you should be careful when you upgrade and determine if it is really necessary at this point. We are at a point where our topics are developing very quickly.

Such fast changes change much of the backend, up to and beyond those class, ID, and function that breaks any CSS you use with old class, ID, and function, and you need to detect those changes with the technologies we've divided here. Installation of the trial versions is done as usual.

Go ogle Sie zu Appearance>Themes> Find the per so theme listed location and activate. Go. From Dashboard > Updates, down arrow to the subject area to update yourself. After the upgrade, is a function disabled or interrupted? When you have problems specifically related to updating/updating a theme, please launch your own theme.

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