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Updating WordPress themes, even if they are customizable We strongly recommend that you upgrade your website design to the latest release, not only to ensure that you have the latest functionality, but also to keep all your site design updates up to date with the latest safety fixes. A WordPress theme can be updated in many ways. This article will look at several different ways to do this, from automatic updating to making sure that a custom design is not accidentally overwritten.

Hint: If you still have problems updating your topic after having read this article, let us help you! A great help desk can help you with any WordPress problem, big or small - for free! The most important thing first - before we start, you need to back up your data base and your topical topic.

As we replace and update theme file, there's a possibility that something might go awry, so it's best to be on the lookout and have a back up. Just copy your WordPress folder to your computer via FTP and back up your data base with a plug-in. With Snapshot Pro or other third-party back-up sites such as VaultPress, you can perform automatic scheduled backups to ensure that your Web site is always in a secure place.

Updating your design is simple and uncomplicated. Choose the topic you want to refresh and click Refresh Topics. "This is also a fast way to refresh several topics.

WorldPress 3. 7 added automated backgrounds for topics and plug-ins that are turned off by defaults. In order to enable this function for topics, simply include the following excerpt to the features of your topic. pdf file: add_filter('auto_update_theme','__return_true'); This function only works for topics that have been retrieved from the WordPress Theme repository.

If you use a Premier theme, it will not be updated at all. As a rule, premier topic suppliers provide their own guides for updating topics. The majority of theme vendors ask you to update a theme by uploading a new release of a theme and replacing an older release. But if you go to Appearance menu > Topics > New Topics and try to load a new copy of a topic that is already in the Topics list on your Web site, it fails and you receive an alert that the target location already existed.

This is because you cannot have two directories with the same name (obviously!) in your topic folder. Log in to your website via FTP or cPanel, remove the old design and then upgrade to the new one. Be sure to back up the old versions of your design just in case something goes awry.

Another way to get annoyed when you delete the old theme is to change the name of the old one. It will allow you to successfully update the new theme versions. Log in to your website via FTP or cPanel and browse to wp-content/themes/ and find your old design. Name your old design as "theme-old" (replace "theme" with the name of your theme).

Submit your new design. Both the old and new design revisions appear in the Topic pane, but you can differentiate them by their folders labels and release numbers. Did you ever spend innumerable endless hours adapting your website just to loose all your heavy work after upgrading the theme?

Probably after that you found out that you should have written a children's theme. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Subordinate design is a design that takes over the function of another design that is referred to as superior design. Subordinate topics allow you to change or extend the functions of the higher-level topic.

The most important thing is that by making a sub design, you can make changes to your site without affecting the initial design coding, so you can upgrade your site without risking losing any adjustments you've made. For more information on how to make a theme for children, read our How to Make a WordPress Kind Theme articles.

To update your design, but have made adjustments without using a minor design, continue reading. When you have made changes to your design coding, you may want to see if the upgrades in the new release of your design are significant. Once the creator of your theme has posted a history of changes in the new release in a change log or readyme and only one or two changes have been made, you can simply FTP or your cPanel to the older release and override them.

When one of the upgraded file is a custom file and you recall which line of the code you modified, you can redo the upgrade using Appearance > Editor. Remembering any adjustments you've made to your design, or if you've stored them somewhere, this is the simplest way to re-customize it to update it to the above method and then make the adjustments to your website again.

Yes, it's a nuisance to have to make all the adjustments a second go, but at least this once you can make a sub-topic so you don't have to be worried about doing it again. Be sure to back up your website before you do so that you can return to your old design if something goes awry.

If I can't recall my adjustments, what happens? So if you haven't stored your changes somewhere or can't recall what changes you made, don't worry! This makes it more difficult to improve your design, but it is still possible. You can use tools that can help you match two versions of your designs, i.e. your old release with your old custom release or your old custom release with the new release.

Kaleidoscope is a great premier application for OS users that allows you to check text in two different file formats. Let's take a look at how kaleidoscope can be used to liken two different aspects of a theme. You can copy your old design and upgraded copy to your computer screen for easy file sharing.

Continue these actions until you have accepted all adjustments. Once you're done, simply zap the old design and use Appearances > Topics > Add to New to load it onto your website. When you upgrade topics to the latest release, you not only have the most feature-rich release, you also have the safest one.

Every time you upgrade your designs, you always make a back-up of everything - your old design, your data base and your new design. In case something goes awry while processing your data, a back-up is available so that you can restart the operation without loosing important data.

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