Upload Audio to Wordpress

Audio upload to Wordpress

Make a new post or page, or edit a current one, and then click the Add button and select Media. Choose the audio file you want to upload from your files, or click Add New to add a file from your device. Next, a pop-up window for the media uploader will appear on your screen. As soon as it is uploaded, you need to click the Insert into Post button. In order to upload an audio file to your website, follow these steps:

Often audio is used for podcasts.

Sound is often used for podcasts..mp3,.m4a,.ogg and.wav music. You have two options for adding your WordPress postings to your own PDF file format. When you only need to upload a fistful of your favorite songs, the first way is the best one. Out of the leftside menue in WordPress:

Press the Add Media buttons above the text field. Pull and paste your documents from your computer into the WordPress Upload dialog or click Choose Documents. Once the required attachments have been added, click Insert into posting. If you upload in the above way, each and every MP-3 will be stored in the wp-content/uploads directory.

You will now see a shortcut to the audio in your contribution. When you need to upload more than one MP-3 player, please obey these instructions: Click the Files Manager symbol in the Documents section. Choose Web Root (public_html/wwww) and make sure that you are in the document root for the WordPress installation domains.

To extend the public_html directory, click here, browse to the wp-content directory, and double-click it. Click the New Folders symbol at the top of the file manager display. Enter your new Audio directory (all lower case ) in the pop-up and click Create new directory. Now you can upload your MP-3 data to this directory via mass upload by either pressing the Upload pushbutton in the file manager or via FTP.

If you name your own songs, it is best to delete all blanks from the filenames and name them all in lower case. Once uploaded would be the resulting link: In order to use your WordPress mail with your favorite audio tracks: Sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. Select the words you want to turn into a hypertext reference to the audio signal and click the hypertext reference button in the text boxes bar.

Type the address of the audio player in theURL box. Rename the name of the audio track in the Title area. Select the Open in a new window/tab open links option. Then click Submit Link. In order to upload the data, right-click on the shortcut and select Save As. In order to playback the data set, right-click on the shortcut and select Open in New Tab.

Audio should be played back auto-.

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