Upload new Theme to Wordpress

Add new topic to Wordpress

Then go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to Appearance >>; Topics. Locate a new theme you have extracted and activate it.

If you are a business plan user, you can also upload your own custom design to your website. Find out how to activate a new design here. Then click Upload Topic. & then browse/download the downloaded WordPress topic file in zip format.

Fix WordPress Theme Install Problems

To use your WordPress theme, you must properly upload and reinstall the theme, and this usually takes no more than a few easy hits in your WordPress Dashboard. If you have problems with your WordPress theme or don't know where and how to get your design installed in WordPress, please have a look at the following list of fixes to the most frequent problems with WordPress theme installations.

When you host a self-hosted WordPress website, you can easily upload and reinstall your WordPress theme from your WordPress Dashboard under Look => Topics => Add New. Be sure to upload your WordPress theme as a zipped document. In case you have already unpacked the zipped files you received after purchasing, please try downloading the design again, as a zipped files is necessary to be able to install the design via your WordPressashboard.

If you have never previously downloaded and deployed WordPress topics via the WordPress dashboard and need extra help, please watch this film. An example of the installation of our beloved MH Magazine theme on the WordPress Dashboard is shown in the film. Installing a WordPress theme.

If you upload WordPress topics using your WordPress Dashboard, you may get an alert about the topic filesize. If you get such an errormessage that the submitted files exceed the maximal filesize, please read the following supporting articles, which will help you to figure out and resolve this problem:

Learn how to raise the storage and upload limit in WordPress. Alternatively, you can upload your WordPress theme to your computer using an FTP program as an alternate to removing the restrictions on your computer's servers. WordPress stores theme file locations in the /wp-content/themes/ directory. If you are not comfortable submitting data to your FTP servers and/or FTP customers, you can consult your host for further support.

Somehow, sometimes folks try to run topics as plug-ins or vice versa. Note that you are trying to do a WordPress theme installation, i.e. the installation of the theme as a plug-in is not the right one. In case you get an issue with the installation of your WordPress theme via the plug-in monitor, please upload your design again at the right place.

In order to upload and reinstall your WordPress theme, please go to Appearance Level => Topics Level => Create New in your WordPress dashboard and just obey the directions on your desktop. If you upload and download WordPress topics or plug-ins from your WordPress dashboard, you may receive an issue like this:

First thing you might think is that there is a problem with the zipped files of your WordPress theme or plugins, but this is usually not the case. Usually, the cause of this is that your computer is run out of disk that has been assigned to your WordPress instances.

Occasionally, you may receive this bug via the WordPress dashboard during automated theme or plug-in updating. If there is enough disk on your computer, the problem may be related to the WordPress updating process (very rare!). If this is the case, it is advisable to upgrade your design or plug-in by using FTP client such as FileZilla and uploading / replacing the file to your FTP client by hand.

Usually, if you're comfortable with programming and want to modify the WordPress theme you' own source code, this is the best way to do this, using sub-themes to make sure your customized source codes don't get dropped after the theme is updated. As a rule, our WordPress topics already contain a ready-to-use children's theme that you can find in the /add-ons directory of your WordPress theme.

Sub-topic installations work the same as theme installations, just make sure you have the sub-topic's theme already in place (don't remove your theme ) because the sub-topic is based on the theme functioning well. There is no theme for the theme when the theme is set up.

If you are using an older release of our beloved MH Magazine WordPress theme and want to upgrade to v3.0. Please note that the new release of MH Magazine should be seen as a new theme, as there have been big enhancements under the bonnet and the theme has been strongly re-coded to conform to contemporary conventions that make it fit for further use.

This is the quickest way to upgrade your website to the new MH Magazine v3.0. It is 0+ to reinstall the design as a new design in WordPress and then following the design documentations to set up the design according to your needs (see also: Video Tutorial). Be sure to upgrade to the latest WordPress release.

More information about the new MH Magazine topic and further guidance can be found in this article: If you are using a free llite theme and have bought the premier copy of your WordPress theme to take advantage of the added functionality, choices, and customized Widgets, you can set up the premiere theme like a normal new theme (see instructions) and then go through the theme docs of your theme to customize your website to your liking.

Because you are essentially installs a standalone design with extra functionality when you upgrade to the premier design, it is usually necessary to perform an initial setup, as specified in the theme documentations of your design, to take advantage of the added functionality and extra choices and make sure everything is there.

These include configuring the site to upload your logos, arrange your customized menu, place your Widgets, select your favorite colour schemes or make other small changes to make your site look the way you want it.

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