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Topic upload to Wordpress

In order to upload a custom design, go to My Pages ? Topics in your website dashboard. Drag-and-drop the theme's.zip file into the field. You can also select the checkbox, locate the theme's .

zip file on your computer, and double-click it. You can upload a topic by clicking the Upload tab.

This is how you do it

And now that you've bought this beautiful design, it's your turn to get it installed in WordPress! You may have a filename named "themeforest-6339019019-total-responsive-multipurposewordpress-theme.zip" if you already have the design download after you bought it for the first use. In this case, unzip the archive and search it for Installable-Theme/Total.zip.

Total will be the one you want to upload to WordPress. In case you did not retrieve the topic after purchasing it, please login to ThemeForest and go to your "Downloads" and retrieve the installable WordPress files only as shown in the screenshots below. Stage 2: Make sure WordPress is up to date!

Totally is a high performance theme and uses all the latest WordPress features to make sure that the theme is as well encoded and optimised as possible. Please make sure that WordPress is fully up to date before you install the theme! ALWAYS use the latest WordPress release, otherwise your entire website will be vulnerable to possible attacks.

Do not use an obsolete WordPress application! Well, now that you've made sure WordPress is up to date, you can get an overview and get the theme installed, and there are 2 ways to do that: via WordPress or via FTP. When you work with WordPress and buy topics, you should know fairly well how to set up a theme, but below are some screen shots just in case you don't know how!

Click on the upload theme item. The next step is to look for the clipped theme files you have retrieved from ThemeForest (make sure you have retrieved the "Installable zip" as you would upload it to WordPress). Once you have unpacked the entire download, find the theme in the "Installable Theme" directory named "Total.zip").

As soon as WordPress has unzipped and installs the theme, simply click on the theme to enable it. You can also upload the theme via FTP. Extract the theme files you download from Themeforest and upload only the main directory to your webspace. Then login to your WordPress page and browse to Appearance > Topics to enable All.

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