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You can connect to your hosting via FTP. You can upload your design to this folder. You can do this if you prefer to install your design via FTP/SFTP. Learn how to get FTP access and repair your website. When you have WordPress Theme Package, you can install it manually via FTP.

Installing a theme via FTP if the size of the files is too large and you get an errormessage.

The main reason for this bug is the upload of large plug-ins, topics or pictures to WordPress. Limiting the filesize by default is actually a good thing for most people. Seldom does this disturb the WordPress programming process. A few topics and plug-ins can have several hundred uploads, and the use of FTP is terribly sluggish.

Log in to your cPanel... login to your cPanel accounts or web site and search and click Manage files. You can upload your zipped files with the topic. Usually this has a much bigger filesize. As soon as the zipped files are loaded, choose the Files Manager and click Extract. After the extraction, erase the unzipped zipped files you created. Just browse through the themes within your website and your new design is waiting for activation.

It' a bug that is easily fixed and is due to the limitations your host has made. Use the php.ini on your web site to customize these options. Simply ask your web hosters to customize the options for you. Don't overrule Apache after changing the php.ini configuration if you choose to customize it.

Installation of a WordPress theme with FTP

You have a WordPress theme on your computer and want to FTP it? This is a recommended approach for advanced WordPress contributors only, as there is a danger of removing or changing other WordPress file types. We' re only using it to show the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial.

3 On the locale website, browse to the directory where you stored the design. We will use the canvas design stored on the screen in this example. 4 Right-click the Canvas folder on the locale website, and then click Upload. 8 Go to your on-line site and view the new theme that has been enabled.

Toggling a WordPress theme via FTP by hand

When you stare at a defective WordPress theme and can't even get your admin console Dashboard, don't be afraid! Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to change to another topic via FTP. First, I'd like to change my subject: WordPress breaks - it's simple! Sometimes WordPress can be unbelievably brittle.

For example, in the screenshots below, I simply browse to the features of my theme. I' m adding a

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