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The daylight saving time (summer time) is changed. This led to the development of the US time zone system, in which all zones referred to the GMT on the zero meridian. This novel translates the polluted India into English. All time zones in the EU change at the same time. This is what allows us to do:

The SLB will now broadcast in all US time zone because it is self-confident.

Saturday Night Live's last four installments of the upcoming Saturday Night Runner 42 will be broadcasted in every US time slot, a premiere for the NBC family. So far, the show has been broadcasted at 23:30 ET (and 22:30 CT) from New York City and three hour later for the mountain and Pacific time regions.

That means next months West Coasters will have to turn on PT at 20:30 to see the new shows moderated by Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy and The Rock. It' s no mystery that Saturday Night Live has experienced an enormous increase in quotas following the choice of Donald Trump, who was hosts in November 2015.

Trumpoost doesn't seem to have driven a turn to a more concise or interesting twist on satire, but it did introduce Saturday Night Live to the double-edged edge of online community: it will help you become virtual and ruin your punch lines. As East Coast and Middle Coast spectators transfer SLB joke and whole skin jobs to societal mediums before the time-delayed rebroadcast, it was more and more likely that West Coast spectators would get their first impression of the show from societal mediums rather than from NBC itself.

But the new politics of living is also a glaring piece to emphasise what NBC would certainly like to believe in the SNL in the Trump era - that it is important and does something useful. It just became the West Coast's favorite TV. This makes Saturday Night Live from a technical point of view a cultural centre, regardless of whether it really has something to say.

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