Use Themeforest Theme on multiple Sites

You can use Themeforest Theme on multiple pages.

Is this true for all items at all Envato Market locations? The " multipurpose theme " of AKA. ThemeForest asks me to use its a premier theme in a single domainname. Is it possible to technical use a premier theme purchased through ThemeForest on multiple technical sites? Well, if so, how?

A lot of folks responded to the questions, but I don't think they have. Plus many topics on Themeforest are 100% GPL, which means you can do whatever you want with the topics or plugs. Under How To Such For 100% you should see GPL Topics On Themeforest.

Other topics and plug-ins are under the GPL, but some contents are under a shared licence. Your real question: If you want to deploy a theme/plugin on several websites, you can simply do so with the standard methods. However, the themes/plugins will not receive automated updating unless the licence code is input.

In addition, some themes/plugins require you to type the appropriate interface programming interface (API) keys, without which you cannot use them. To do this you usually have to mess with some PHP, according to the theme/plugin. This way you can use it on an infinite number of websites.

There was also a dispute between the Mindpressommunity & Themeforest/Envato because Mindpress thinks that 100% of GPL is on it. They should know what Worldpress thinks about the topic/Plugins/GPL policies at WorldPress Licensing & the GPL. In addition, the writers of the theme/plugin violate the GPL license (see: Many WorPress Theme stores violate the General Public License).

Theme:: Use the theme on multiple domain names.

May I use this theme after buying it once for multiple domain names that are not resold or endorsed, just for my own domain names? Got a few domain names and you deserve that I only want to use it for the remainder of my Worpress years. So if the last one is " no, you have to buy again for each page", then I can simply buy you back via Themeforest for the topic and don't have to redownload it, just use what I have stored on my computer?

Hello Michael, you can buy several licences at Themeforest and use the same theme you download. Apparently Elevato has just upgraded its licensing conditions and description. I still haven't found an explanation for my particular issue, so I'll confine myself to the great boys from Theme! You purchased a copy of the theme for yourself with your own login details.

There are several locations of the sanctuary in this area. As part of the WP installation I divided the sites into WP installations under the same domains; IE: There are five installations in all, but under the same name. Hello Brian, you only need an expanded licence if you want to use it as commercially, like if you want to use x for a subdomain/subspace that you want to rent or resell as a bundle, or something like that.

It' okay to use a single serial licence for multiple installations on the same domains. Hello, is a standard multiple install/same domainname installation licence sufficient if sub-domains are used instead of sub-directories? This means I have to buy one licence per undomain for the following setup: http://news.domain.comhttp://support.domain. com a. s. o. Neither side is commercially, each has its own WP installation, no multi-site WP installation.

It' only a set of sub-domains of the same domains, each with its own WP institution, working with different X-theme institutions under a single licence. Hello Gabriel, a licence is only valid for one single site, and an automated upgrade is only possible for one single site. Concerning sub-installations, a normal licence is fine as long as they are the same or advertise the same website.

Sanchit, Before you buy a theme in Themeforest, the license details are available for you to read (see Because if I get this right - I can't use the X-theme (64$) on both sides at the same time:)? The API key for the actual domains ( can be revoked and regenerated for the new domains (niedzwiedziemby?.pl) from your Themeco accounts.

If I said this Envato license agreement is a lot of bull? You and the Envato developer may have a small, friendly chat and clarify/simplify the conditions for using your work. What I mean is what am I saying wrong: $xxx - if you want to use on multiple domain names?

I' ve been purchasing and using topics for quite some considerable length of your life - Elegant, Premiumpress, Theme-Junkie, Woo, Studiopress - and yet I haven't lost my mind about the precise significance of this legitimate bumbo jumpbo for Envato. Help us understand the Envato licence. Licensing agreements, sale etc. are processed by Envato, the parent organisation of Themeforest, and we are selling through them and respecting their agreements.

If you have any confusions or suggestions, it would be best if you ring their forums or get their help with their conditions. If you have a problem with our subject, let us know. First of all, thank you so much for the great topic! Any way to do this without buying a second licence?

Hello Manubeer, a normal licence is only valid for one single product. If I withdraw my licence from my old site to begin the construction of my new site, will it change the look of my old site?

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