Using Godaddy Hosting

With Godaddy Hosting

Default nameservers refer to the GoDaddy web hosting. I have been using the same system for many years and it works well. Is your WordPress hosting product adapting to your brand?

Bringing your website to life with GoDaddy

When your GoDaddy registration is complete, the procedure for bringing your website online differs according to whether you also use GoDaddy to service your website. When you use GoDaddy hosting, just post the website using the Website builder utility. When it is otherwise hosting, modify the DNA record for your domains and point it to the IP location where the site is hosting.

Go to a web page, browse to the GoDaddy page and login to your GoDaddy login area. Find the website you want to launch and click "Launch". Click "Design Your Pages" to download the designers and make last changes before going online. To see how the website will appear in your web browser when you go live, click Preview.

Then click "Publish". Select the checkbox to indicate that you accept Google's Acceptable Use Policy, then select Submit All. Sign in to your hosting accounts and get the IP of your website. Browse to the GoDaddy page and login to your area. In the Domains line, select "Launch" to start the Domains-Manager.

Find the website you want to bring online by browsing the site and clicking the name of the website to modify it. From the DNS Zone File page, click Modify. Find the first cluster in the zone information named "A (Host)". Find the row in the row that has an "@" character in the Hosts columns, an IP in the Points To columns, and 1 Stunde in the TTL columns.

In the Points To field, click on the IP number in the field and enter the IP number of your website. Click "Save zone file" to store your changes. Allow up to 24 hrs while the IP addresses replicate to DNA server around the globe. If you make changes and reprint your site using the GoDaddy utility, click "reprint updates" to reprint only the webpages that have updated.

Select "Back up website before publishing" to make a back-up copy of the website as it is before you post your changes. "Bringing your website to life on GoDaddy."

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