Using Wordpress for a Business website

With Wordpress for a Business Website

You can even host your domain name there for a small extra charge. WorldPress. com is the perfect starting point for any small business. If you are ready to further customize your website, it is easy to migrate your Starter website to a web hosting account. Remember to hire a Wordpress agency to build your business website, wait, read this before you make a decision!

The entire web development industry loves WordPress.

Seven good reason why you shouldn't use WordPress for your small business website.

That' s why I chose 3 years ago not to work with WordPress anymore. Now I only create and manage Squarespace sites for my customers. In my view, it is right to do this for small and medium-sized enterprises. It'?s only good for business. The Wordpress community loves coding and research and all the weird things you can do with a website.

Trouble is, you're running a business, not a technological trial. WorldPress Developers makes your projects too complex, takes too long and costs too much time. As soon as you have uploaded your website to WordPress, prepare yourself for a painful underworld. Wordprocessor pages often fail every 3 month or so.

Get ready to employ several WordPress programmers over the next two years to fix your website until you reach the point where you are so burned out that you hates the notion of having a website at all. I am a website creator and web site builder, and even I get disappointed and baffled with WordPress.

That' s because it wasn't developed for customers or business professionals. WordPress has such a bewildering, irritating and disappointing back-end that all my customers are refusing to try to work on it themselves after the first time. WorldPress is not user-friendly for customers, regardless of what a WordPress programmer states.

While WordPress may be enjoyable for programmers, it's not for business people. The WordPress design is so loose that all parts, plug-ins and technologies are falling apart all the time. You need to employ a WordPress programmer on a 1-3 months base just to make sure everything still works well.

This does not include any changes, enhancements or changes to the site as your business expands. WorldPress is not cost-effective for small business if your annual sales are less than $200,000. Expend this cash elsewhere for publicity or other ways to automate and enhance your business in-house. When your website is not maintained and maintained on a regular subscription base, get yourself prepared for someone from Russia to hijack your website.

Programmers and hackers enjoy working with WordPress to try to crack your website and use it for their own use. WordPress is a real dilemma to face for this simple fact. Many WordPress programmers say that only WordPress works well with it. Don't let a WordPress programmer persuade you the opposite.

When it comes to creating good, high-quality blogs, postings and contents, it' s not about devious, strange code hooks that only a developer can find out. WordPress is poor for small businesses for all the above reasons and much more. Many of my customers come to me after 2 years of a WordPress page, desperately looking for a modification, but uncertain if something better is possible.

As your website is the most important instrument of your company's branding, do not place it in the clutches of an untrustworthy and costly CMS environment. Instead, you need a website that can remain on-line without being chopped, that looks nice and is simple for you to administer and grows so that it grows over the years and becomes an inestimable value for your business.

Most of my customers like to use Squarespace. I have created over 400 sites with Squarespace - and my customers are surprised how much simpler it is to use than with WordPress. I use Squarespace to create my own blogs, make small text changes and changes to pictures without having to get in touch with me every time I make a small one.

There are 5 good reason why Squarespace is better than WordPress for small businesses: However, there are two main reason why you should use WordPress for your business. Firstly, if you are a large organization that can easily manage large adjustments running at over $20,000 a year, WordPress is a better choice for you.

Secondly, if you are a technological enterprise that needs many customizations for e-commerce, blogs, data bases or other advanced features, then WordPress is necessary. You should keep to Squarespace for small companies.

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