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The WordPress holiday rental theme is ideal for holiday homes and holiday apartment bookings. The Oceanica Hotel Booking WordPress theme is suitable for any type of hotel complex: hotel, apartment, guesthouse, B&B, and even hostels. Holiday rental Property management/Booking topic for WordPress.

Top 15 Vacation Rentals WordPress Themes

Are you looking for a WordPress vacation home theme? Would you like to begin to accept reservations for your accomodation directly? WordPress makes it easier and less expensive than ever before. We help you to go through several trustworthy, best-selling WordPress vacation rental properties as well as less liked but still very professionally designed rental-tools. This handpicked selection includes different kinds of WordPress condominium rental topics suited for pensions, guesthouses, B&Bs, hotel, chalets, etc.

A few topics are true "monsters" - they don't just provide you with designs, but the total solutions for the processing of your reservations and the entire facility administration, without you having to search for (super expensive!) own reservationsoftware. Some are easy - they're also a good choice if you just need to make an appealing ad and take manual reservations - by e-mail or telephone.

We will explain the detail of each topic. The Villagio is one of the most frequently used WordPress holiday home motifs for several objects in different sites. Villagio's overall look is very harmonious, with the horizontally searchable real-time screen. More than one property can be displayed directly on the title page. Either your customers can fully fund their account or make deposits via PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or Beanstream/Bambora (plus, WooCommerce Payments add-on to add additional gateways).

Visitors can also easily make a reservation enquiry by deactivating on-line reservations. There is a Villagio theme that you can try out as a free demonstration dashboard: select #1 (Villas). One of the most cool WordPress topics for rental objects is WP Rentals. This comes with a clear layout and limitless possibilities for real estate listings and administration.

Real Estate Reservation System is fixed encoded in the theme, so you cannot use any other reservation plug-ins. However, if you choose this topic, you don't actually have to look for other options, it is quite potent to handle all the important accommodation industry operations: different prices, automated rebates for longer stays or early bookers, minimal length of stays, additional prices for guests, tax and fee information, deposits on-line, etc.

It is also possible to create user-defined posting policies for each object. Just as with on-line payment, the theme of PayPal provides Stripe and Wire Transfer assistance (no WooCommerce payment support). In contrast to many other WordPress topics of this kind, WP Rentals also provides a simple front-end feature delivery facility. Website administrators can allocate attributes to website owner.

This topic also contains a number of WordPress plug-ins that can be useful for your website: It is also compliant with the best ranked multi-language WordPress plug-ins such as WPML and Weglot. AlpsHouse is an outstanding holiday house WordPress theme for different kinds of residences: cottages, guesthouses, taverns, etc..

There are three key features to this theme: a fully featured front page layout with four alternative designs, the sophisticated WordPress reservation system for controlling your online reservations, and the one-click option for importing your personal datas. It has been optimised primarily for a Skichalet that can be reserved from the room, but you can also customise it for your holiday home or your accommodation.

In addition, at AlpenHouse you can hire several rental properties as individual pieces, neither technically nor creatively it is a technical issue. Hotel booking plug-in included free of charge for this topic helps you adding and categorizing rents with all conveniences, beds type and the remainder of the detail.

It is also in charge of stock checking, integrating on-line payments gateway, iCal assistance for synchronising your booking with outside agencies, tax and fee administration, etc. This theme allows you to have a different kind of headers on different pages: you can use a wideget like the Find Available Forms, an icon, a slide bar or a movie.

You can also use a horizontally or vertically arranged reservation template. The AlpenHouse is a great chance to own a contemporary rental apartment theme, an intelligent reservation machine and a duct management system with a unique WordPress theme. Happy Inn is an elegantly furnished rental object that books WordPress theme, primarily conceived for a detached home or multi-room apartment.

This comes with a simpler ordering process: guest leaves behind e-mail ordering queries and the admin should verify them later. The Happy Inn is a good option if you do not want to take advantage of website reservations and want to include all your house administration processes in your website system. This will allow you to easily enumerate features, specific features, prices or whatever without additional WordPress reservations plug-ins.

Topic theme is designed very sleek and stylish, with MegaMenu built-in assistance, a tacky headers, adjustable typeface, limitless color and more. There is also the Elementor WordPress Page builder which helps you to create web pages much more easily. This theme is ideal for holiday home users who are looking for a fun and easy theme that is not inflated with tens of plug-ins.

You' ll be pleased to work with this theme: Easily customise the theme by importing example dates with a click, adding rents (for a one or more properties) with categorised conveniences, utilities, bed type, etc., activating and setting up on-line payments gateway to get funds for direct booking to your account and much more.

iCal' capability, which comes with Theme out of the Box, eliminates the need to search for additional channels to synchronise your reservations with outside agents (the office must provide iCal support). It comes with several title page options - with or without a page bar, so you can either work with a neat minimum website look or use a page bar with several useful widgets.

You can use this diversity of layout to adjust the optimum display of your rental objects according to the number. All in all, this WordPress holiday home theme is very stylish and really efficient at the same as well. Master is one of the most frequently used WordPress topics for renting real estate. Although the standard styling is concentrated on a single resort, you can readily substitute rooms for custom apartments or B&Bs.

In addition, one of the theme demonstrations is the theme of " apartment " designs, so it will probably be more appropriate for rental accommodation. You can equip your flats, pensions or rooms with the help of an integrated, individual real estate reservation system. This means it's not stand-alone - you can't substitute it with a third-party reservation plug-in.

Don't worry, this system is very efficient, it has almost all the functions necessary to let your property online: season and price, rebates, additional benefits, fix check-in and check-out hours, the possibility to lock rooms, summaries of all reservations, etc. You can also lock rooms on specific appointments and automatically create successive rebates. iCal synchronisation (connecting your hotels to AirBnB and OTAs) is also included.

However, it is restricted to one room of the same room typ (it will not be a hassle if you are renting completely different objects). Luxurious villa is a beautiful WordPress theme for mansions. There is a full-screen display that allows you to present your mansions in style and detail.

But if you want to modify this theme, you can select from 5 homepage options. Concerning the reservation function, this topic does not provide an automated system. Visitors can only make one reservation inquiry, each of them should be checked by the administrator. Luxury villa theme comes with a clear real estate galleries plug-in that lets you view limitless pictures of your real estate.

The WordPress website templates are a great addition if you are renting a holiday home or a large condominium that can be booked from one room. It works in full screen, so the searching and all reservations are done automatic. Reservation plug-in has infinite power capabilities, all available free of charge in Ciestra.

Tightly integrated with Elementor Visual WordPress Page Builder, it will help you toy with layout and contents, re-use customized contents on any page, and get the most out of the greater features. You can install the design with one click, so you can get started very quickly.

The Bellevue WordPress theme contains many different demonstrations so that you can choose the most appropriate one: a resort, a pension, a guesthouse, etc. Demo's come with breathtaking Parallax effect, an elegant, professionally styled display and all the necessary pre-built pages for your rental website. You can display the characteristics in a raster or via user-defined mailtype.

This topic is supported by a WP WooCommerce and WP Bookings System plug-in for processing safe bookings. Users can view an available schedule with all available data and either submit a reservation inquiry by e-mail or place the reservation in the shopping basket and make payment there.

This topic is supported by iCal for the management of your reservations via different channels manager. The WP theme for hotels is a great theme for a rental home, whether it is a holiday home or a small resort. This theme is a new edition of the Sailing Hotels theme, which is one of the best sold WordPress Hotels theme.

WP Hotel provides a complete page listing your real estate, activity, promotions, etc. with several gallery pages. Subjects are delivered with a classy searching formula that provides your clients with the most appropriate real estate according to their searching criteria. It supports all important keys to the management of your property: tariffs and seasonal tariffs for variable room prices, rebate vouchers, all real estate services, occupation, PayPal, Stripe and off-line payment.

WooCommerce can also be integrated to process bookings. It is a versatile WordPress reservation topic for hotel owners: holiday agents, holiday organizers, holiday accommodations, etc.. So if you need some kind of mixing theme for a real estate and other types of rental, take a look at this theme.

Because of the complex nature of the topic, there are a variety of choices you can make: different kinds of housing, viewing housing, customizing visitor receipts, setting up extended query filters (including locations and ratings ), extended price choices, and more. They can also offer different routes and book these on-line.

Many different preferences are available for each type of reservation. There should be no problems to implement a PayGate, because the topic PayPal, bank wire etc. support. Design is adjustable on several levels: colours, typeface, different layouts, built-in premier plug-ins like Contact Form 7, several user-defined Widget, etc.

The Oceanica WordPress Hotel theme is an elegantly designed and high-performance hotel and holiday home system. They can allow visitors to make payments on-line (PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree, Beanstream/Bambora method are free of charge contained; or use the WooCommerce built-in gateways) and upon arrivals, make bookings for a particular lodging, generate rebate vouchers, make bookings for more than one lodging during a single stay, etc.

You can also use the plug-in to support full tax and fee information, automatic synchronization with an OTA such as your reservation, and more. Every entry you make is saved in the back-end system with full details of your payments, tax and charges included. It is available in 14 different language versions and is WPML compliant. Journeyo is a WordPress travel and accommodation reservation theme.

Featuring a contemporary, highly reactive look, it is ideal for reserving a room in a guesthouse and optional for a guided trip. It' a rather vibrant and evenly matched theme with great gallery, a homepage slide, 10 page skin, 8 headers, 6 footers, a gooey meal and all kinds of insides to give your accommodation a professionally look.

The Travelo is supported by a reservation system in WooCommerce that allows you to follow all your reservation requests with ease. There is a fairly user-friendly surface for easy and fast bookings: your customers can verify availabilities, conveniences, ratings, individual guidelines, etc. There is also a log-in section where homeowners can administer their accommodation.

You can also get several free WordPress plug-in packages: WPBakery plug-in, Revolution slider and Layer slider. The Spaced is a great WordPress rental motif with a light, clear layout. There is something similar to a highly intuitional Airbnb scheme, so if you have to figure out some of vacation rents and lease them out on-line, this theme may be even more manageable than any other sponsored theme with tonnes of insane alarms and noises.

The Spaced theme allows you to create your real estate list and activate optional website booking directly via the WooCommerce Booking plug-in. This allows you to provide the real estate with all the conveniences and important information such as maximum occupation and sizing. Visitors can append additional service to the booking, make payments on-line via the WooCommerce gateway and rate the booking.

The Spaced is a really great theme with a great presentation and bookability. The Villa Rental is a WordPress theme for real estate bookings based on the template properties reserving plug-in. With this theme you can create and customise infinite rental apartments, each with its own prices, detail and bookings calender.

Housing Administration System is sufficiently versatile to allow you to include various room prices, tax and charges, minimal sojourn information, listing of additional chargeable amenities, creating rebate vouchers and more. Visitors can make payments via a wide range of built-in payments gateways: WPML, WooCommerce, Contact 7 and other WordPress plug-ins are used.

Overall, I'm sure that Villa Rental is pretty tidy and versatile WordPress vacation rental and B&B theme, with just the right set of choices, without undue functions. Residency is a big issue for realtor agents and realtorists. There is a website where the owner can enter their rent directly at the front end.

This comes with tens of alternative layouts for your home pages so that you can build a truly breathtaking and truly memorable home page. Really take a look at all the functions to decide if this is really your topic. You can activate various different types of pay gateway to receive on-line transactions, such as PayPal and Stripe.

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