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The Valenti is an elegant news and magazine style WordPress theme available on ThemeForest, perfect for creating online news, magazines or gossip websites. The Valenti is a modern HD WordPress blog and magazine theme designed by Cubell. A cutting-edge, feature-packed Wordpress Premium HD (Retina-ready) review magazine theme, Valenti is a great place to get to grips with the latest news.

Valenti - WordPress HD Review Magazine News Topic from codetipi

The Valenti website returns the pleasure of creating a website! Four different advanced grids moduls (4, 5 & 6 items + a 5 grids variation) to display selected or current contributions. Full width sliders to display selected or recent contributions. Sliders to display marked or last contributions above the contribution cycle.

Off-set feature for posting list where double posting does not appear on the same page. Use 4 blog style for home pages to view the latest posts: Check the topic options: Optional feature for activating and deactivating individual evaluations (User Reviews). Each time a viewer submits a score, a unique cookies icon with the appropriate postal ID is placed on the visitor's computer to minimise the likelihood of repeat votes.

Valenti has been 100% WooCommerce compliant since v1.4 and integrates smoothly with the theme. Added WooCommerce Option Settings dialog to theme settings with various settings including: Valenti is not only fully BuddyPress compliant, but also extends, enhances and renews BuddyPress to offer a deeper, fully featured user interface. Sign-in With Ajax Modals/Widgets integrates smoothly into BuddyPress, and when BuddyPress is running, Sign-in User signed in with Ajax displays several of their own quick links (profile, activities, membership, messages, subscriptions, themes launched, unsubscribe), so user never need to use or see the WordPress intranet.

The BuddyPress page has been added to the Topic Option pane with several items, under it: The following items have been added: Valenti is not only fully compliant with pbPress, but also extends, enhances and renews pbPress to deliver a deeper, fully immersive user interface. Log in With Ajax Modals/Widgets smoothly integrates into AjaxPress, and when BannerPress is running, Log in With Ajax shows registered user several own quick links (edit profiles, unsubscribe, subscribe, bookmark, reply, themes started), so user never have to use or see the WordPress baking. Added BannerPress tabs to the theme option with various choices, including:

Off-set feature for posting schedules to prevent double postings from appearing on the same page (grid shows #1-#5 and the posting schedule below shows posting #6 and up). The Valenti is 100% child-friendly and comes with a children's theme ready for immediate use and adaptation. It is WPML Ready, RTL Ready and comes with .mo/. po file which can be translated quickly into any languages.

Ability to disable "By Line" in the administration theme settings ("By x on 01/01/2013 in Category" This will appear in posts/modules/blog styles). Any changes to the theme (i.e. adding or changing the theme's coding to make it do something it doesn't, or adding certain functions) will require you to assign a development engineer to help you.

When you have a proposal that you think would enhance the topic, please post a note with the detail and it will be taken into account. Neither of these pictures is contained in the design and cannot be imported with the Solid Atom XLM files. I' d like to thank the makers of the following great plugs that Valenti uses:

  • NEU: Optional in the Valenti Homepage Builder: Module can now choose contributions from user-defined taxes! You will find the new Post Selection under the Post Selection option. - NEW: Two new Post Title Designs under Topic Settings -> Grid & Slider. It is however advisable to use the new "dropcap" item, since video5, which has added an item in the Valenti Post Option -> Layout options page Metro box, is recommending to use this item to include dropping caps in articles.

Global Background/BuddyPress Background/WooCommerce Background/bbPress Wallpaper Settings. Previously, if you had a wallpaper setting, you will need to reset it with the new versions of the settings. - ODED: Optional in Global Features 8 Override: Override: Override: Untrimmed optional. - New: Optional for the presented picture styles: - NEW: Optional for gooey menu:

"Display when scroll up and down / Only when scroll up / Off" - NEW: Optionally section for the Valenti page creator: Modul with the latest global contributions + page break, which can be added after each of the other paragraphs. - NEW: Options in Topic options -> Navigational menus: The number of articles to be displayed in the Breaking News Ticker.

  • NEU: Optional in Topic menu -> Navigational menus: Breakaking News Ticker Source for articles can now be "Late / Trend of the last 24 hour / Trend of the last week". Please note: For triggering settings, the JetPack plug-in must be preinstalled and the JetPack stats engine must be on. - NEU: Optional in Topic-> Extras: - NEU: Valenti Post's Valenti Post side bar options:

"Standard / Unique side bar for Post/Choose available sidebar" optional on post-per-postbase. - NEW: Optional in Topic settings -> Extras: - New: Topicoptionen -> Extras: - NEW: Topic Optionen-> Blog Styles feature. Show more links after move-out" Snapshot checkbox. While the short code still works, to include drop cap for the first mail, go to the new Layouts page in the mail box of each posting and select the Drop cap checkbox.

It should make it easier for you if you ever choose to switch the subject in the near term. - Now you can choose the blogstyle under Topic options -> Extras, but if you don't choose one, there will be no relapse. - IMPENSIONED: New options for e-mail types:

Select between "Embed video by picture resize / Open in full frame lightbox" - ADDED: New options to use statistics from the theme using either JetPack -> Statistics modules (recommended because it is a high performance, simple to use and free statistics system).

  • ADDED: New day options: Choose a grid/slider to display the above postings, modify your blogstyle, endless scrolling, ads in tagpages, wallpaper / colour, etc. - DRAW ING: New Valenti Popular Poss ession Widget feature - sorting by "number of comments / number of posts" - BUGFIX: Added subsection to display parental colour when one is selected, and thus sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub, unless posts/sub-sub-sub have their own colours.
  • ( "BUGFIX"): The "Background header color" item has been removed from the "Topic Options" window because there is now a new item named "Background header color/image". Toolkit to the latest release of Environment WordPress, which resolves "conflict with the WP-Compatibility Installer plug-in. "ADDED: New item in Topic Options -> General: Specify the maximum width of the website (can be either the standard width of 1200px or 1020px), this is an optional feature for those who want their websites to be narrower.

Does not work correctly on websites configured to "full width" - ADDED: WooCommerce new overhead option: Once you have selected between "Left Side Bar / Right Side Bar / No Side Bar / No Side Bar on Products Pages / No Side Bar on Store Page", there is a new feature to overwrite the Off / No Side Bar on Products Pages / No Side Bar on Store Page preference - IMPROVED: Head Display now only pops up on contents pages (Home Page, Categories, Posts, Pages, Tag & Archive) to help you adhere to the AdSense policy, as 404 page displays are not permitted.

The after-filters have been further enhanced. Contributions with comma didn't work well, so the admin interface was much further enhanced and now works well with contributions with comma. - Added: The Valenti Blogstyl homepage feature has been added to the postings to mark certain postings in a blog style raster or slide bar on the home page.

If you are using the page builder, each page builder can now display certain articles with the help of the page builder query + click on the system to append it. - DRAWED: woo commerce option: You can now enable annotations to appear at the bottom of your products pages, they can be changed to "Off/On/On/On with Disqus" - BUGFIX: Category Pages:

Short codes now work in the categories ad unit. Valenti Drag & Drop page creator: Each module now has the ability to display contributions from "Category/Tags/Special Contributions" (loads check boxes with available category/tags/posts, no need to type a password anywhere!). valenti drag & drop page creator: It is now possible for all moduls to move the contributions (with a numerical slider).

valenti drag & drop page creator: It is now possible for all moduls to display contributions after "Latest/Oldest/Random". - pentry added: Added an optional loading of the glyphs in Google fonts containing glyphs. - ( BUGFIX: Categories pages on boxesed pages would not display a checkbox if the last posting in that categorie was placed on Parallax-like picturestyles.

  • INCLUDED: Blog-style off-set options for categorie pages and home pages so that when you use a grating over a categorie, the items below are now moved by the number of items in the grating. - IMPLIED: Added an optional use of a small slide bar (1 posting at a stretch, with a sidebar) to publish articles on home pages in the "latest posts" type (blog start home page).

The power of paraallax showed an imagery stylistic effect (some older machines struggle to keep the effect smooth). Refreshed document to incorporate custom post type section, BuddyPress, BbPRess, WooCommerce, import of WooCommerce and various other small corrections throughout the document. The mobile menu pane now displays search/login symbols on the pane (if activated in the topic options) and, when you touch it, the proper mode layering for search/login/registers.

Valenti transforms any YouTube/VideoURL automatically into a fast reacting clip, just add the following to your mail content: www. =xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and it will be fast reacting. - ( "BUGFIX"): Review checkers, which are placed in the "lower" position for paged articles, now only appear on the last page of the article (the upper position is displayed on the first page of the article).

  • . BUGFIX: To Top Buttons will not be deactivated if the To Top buttons is set to "off" in the Theme Options - BUGFIX: NextGen Gallery will load additional JavaScript that has overwritten the Valenti Theme Options Panels styles and does not correctly renders it, this has been corrected. - BugsIX: BuddyPress tab page recognizes full width settings + Broadcrumb now says "register" - Bugsfix: BbPress editing profiles page did not show a simple local Avatar Upload option added by Simple Local Avatars plug-in.
  • ADDED: Added possibility to display only bylines within messages and not elsewhere (byline choices are now: on/off/only under mail titles). - bUGFIX: Valenti transforms any embeded YouTube/Vimeo movie into a fast moving movie without the need for short codes. Valenti is truly the ultimative WordPress Newspaper Magazine theme of 2015.

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