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Vnesheconombank" (Bank for Development and Foreign Trade).

The State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Trade (Vnesheconombank)" is working to improve the competitive position of the Russia business sector, its diversification and to boost investments. The Vnesheconombank is not a merchant banking institution, its activities are subject to the specific law 82-FZ, which entered into effect on 4 June 2007. Vnesheconombank will issue loans, warranties and guaranties under the Financial Policy Memorandum for investments with a pay-back time of more than 5 years and a value of more than 2 billion roubles.

However, this does not have juridical character and is not consistent with the definitions of "banking group" or "financial industry group" in accordance with Russia's Law.

You can become a member for as little as EUR 60 per year (web memberships for private investors).

You can become a member for as little as EUR 60 per year (web memberships for private investors). In spite of the loss suffered, the injured investor was not indemnified by the Netherlands authorities. From 30 July 1999 to 23 February 2003, the merchant made incorrect statements about the profit of one of its affiliates.

May I also declare the stock of my husband and/or wife and/or my family? You can then increase your spouse's share to your own amount. Occasionally, an investor may own stock both in private and in the name of their corporation. Could you give an idea of the terms under which an indemnity can be granted?

As a rule, you must have made a net profit on your capital expenditure in the respective reporting periods, i.e. all resulting profit must be offset against the profit made. This deadline may be subject to changes due to court action or negotiation. In the event that you held the respective stock before the beginning of the respective term, the conditions of the arrangement will determine whether you are entitled to indemnification.

How can I demonstrate that I have repurchased the stock in the case of a winning promotion? Entrants must file bank or broker trade reports to demonstrate that they own the respective equity. Genuine trade statement(s) must give a full view of the share (s) ownership and/or acquired, including all trades made during the applicable timeframe and the number of share (s) ownership during the applicable timeframe.

What is the best way to get the dues? When you have a Euro bankaccount, we charge you the initial monthly dues in the first months of the (new) year. Please be aware that our annually paid dues are reserved for changes which will be approved at our general assembly.

We publish all information in our Effect newsletter, which is sent to all our members either by mail or e-mail. What can I do to unsubscribe? Am I entitled to terminate my account at any point? In order to terminate your account, you must do so at least 4 week prior to the beginning of the new year.

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