Vice Music Band dj and Radio Wordpress Theme free Download

Vice-Music Band dj and Radio Wordpress Theme free download

When you need to create a professional WordPress music website, Vice is the theme for you. These theme functions and functions are designed specifically for creation: Stay up to date and regularly release a new version of themes and plugins. Download] Vice v1.8.1 - band, DJ and radio WordPress topic

Download free Vice v1.8.1 - Music Band, DJ and Radio WordPress Theme Nulled. It is the latest release last seen on ThemeForest on May 21, 2018. Vice 1.8.1 Download WordPress Theme Nulled. When you need to build a WordPress music website, Vice is the theme for you.

Vice-WordPress Theme For Create: Vice-WordPress theme main features: For music groups, music brands, groups, or nightclubs, you' ll be creating stunning art pages with tabbed layouts. A list of the artist's publications is displayed here as well.

Truck: Band, DJ and Radio WordPress theme from QantumThemes

Truck: Best Music Wordpress theme is here! When you need to build a Wordpress music website, Vice is the theme for you. It' s properties and functionality have been developed especially for design: NEW: Added radio station assistance! for more information. Bring out the most pro-looking look out there with pressure vise products!

Here you can buy the VICE business card: Purchase the VICE booklet here: Here you can buy the VICE DJ Presskit: For music groups, music brands, groups, or nightclubs, you' ll be creating stunning artist pages with tabbed layouts. Chrome v. 55+ radio broadcasting streams require Shoutcast V.2 and current live audio streams (MP3).

ATTENTION: Commentary on products is not supported. Every question that does not contain the above mentioned information will not be resolved. Like any other Wordpress theme out there, it is a stand-alone theme if you cannot follow the directions when installing your design. There are a number of enquiries we have, if your enquiry is not responded to within a few working lessons (usually between 8 am and 2 pm), do NOT email others.

If you have a problem, please e-mail us with your website, your Wordpress account, your order reference and the name of the topic and describe the problem in detail. When you have forgotten information, do NOT mail INTEGRATIONS e-mails with information subdivided into several e-mails: we get literally hundred of e-mails every single working day, and we cannot waste countless working days tracking each customer's story.

It is exactly as you see it in the demonstration, or better said. The Vice adheres to the current GDPR regulations. Fully WordPress 4.9 compliant. Note that you must include your own personal information on your website, which is your responsibility and not part of this offering.

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