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Best 26 WordPress Video Themes (2018) Looking for a WordPress video theme for your website?... WorldPress makes it really simple to load or embedded video, making it a great place to create your video website.

We have selected some of the best WordPress video topics you can download and use. First of all, you need to make sure that you have selected the best website platforms to create your video website.

And, of course, we believe that self-hosted is the ideal place to do that. Next, you need to log in to a WordPress Publishing host client area. Every website needs a host. You are also an official WordPress endorsedhosting partner. Once you have signed up for your host, you will need to download and use WordPress. Please obey our step-by-step instruction on how to launch a WordPress blog.

You are now set to select a theme for your website. Select a WordPress video topic from our experts below and then obey the installation guidelines in our WordPress Theme Guides. With that said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress video topics available on the shelves.

The Inspiro is a nice, versatile WordPress theme. Delivered with gorgeous full-screen video wallpapers, a high-performance portfolio section and a galleries modul. Provides uniquely customized portfolio showcase display Widget. There is also a video light box that allows you to view video in a pop-up window for an even more intense viewing.

The VideoZ is a WordPress video theme in Magazin-type. Comes with a full-featured two-column video thumbnail layouts. Support the Video Files plug-in to create automatic thumbnail generation for your video embeddings. Also supported is the WP-PostRatings plug-in, which allows the user to evaluate video. There are several layouts options, a widgettized home page, and customized widgets to present casual video, current video, community video and more.

Video Zoom is a classy WordPress video theme specifically developed for building video sites and video portal sites. Support for all major video embedding and hosted service providers. Delivered with a built-in video slide show to present your most important contents. With WooCommerce support, video zoom has a variety of customisation tools that allow you to make very appealing and one-of-a-kind web sites.

Movement is a WordPress video blogs theme. A videoslider on the homepage and a grid-based lay-out are included. Comes with a nice view of presented pictures, full width header lines, limitless color and customization assistance for customizing your favorite themes. There are two options for the homepage and you can also select between right and right side bar.

There is a nice about us pattern and a built-in feedbackformular. The Suarez is an elegant WordPress blogs theme. There is a nice homepage design with a brickwork raster that has been produced with miniature views. Works with third-party plug-ins to generate video previews. There is a built-in slide control, several page laysouts, as well as useful shortcuts, user-defined widgets and more.

This is a nice and free WordPress video theme. Support video embeddings, video sliders, and automatic display of videos as post headers. Comes with a nicely designed HTML5 video uploader as well. The integrated Page builder allows you to build your own page layout.

Comes with several page styles and helps customize the living theme for faster uptime. It' a photo theme, but can also be used to present video. Shows video at the top of the article in full screen. Adjusting the theme is easy and you can use the Theme Customizing tool to modify colours and theme preferences.

The Vipress is a high quality WordPress video game. Comes with a module home page design that allows you to insert text phrases to create your home page. There are several slide control lieouts, an automated creation of thumbnails for videos and two colour scheme. Support Google fonts, Google Maps, and simple adjustment menus with limitless colour selection.

The Reel Story is a nice WordPress video portfolio theme. There are several options for creating your own page designs and a page generator that lets you draw and dropdown your own page designs. The program offers a wide range of theme colours and allows you to customize your own themes. There is also a built-in portfolio section that allows you to present your video clips wonderfully. Featuring mega-menu assistance, user-defined Widgets, several sidebars and widget-enabled areas.

Orsa is a WordPress multi-purpose theme magazin. Featuring a nice raster design with mini previews to attract users' interest to your most important work. There are video-thumbnail plugins supported and comes with full WooCommerce assistance. Comes with a built-in counters for mail likes and mail view and has several mail types, user-defined headers and a built-in slide bar.

The Videobox is a cutting-edge WordPress video theme. There are many video embedding support such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Instagram Video, DailyMotion, Brightcove, Amazon S3, etc. Enables it to recognize video clips and use them as thumbnails for your posts. Comes with a favorite video widget that lets you get more previews for your best video contents.

Video Box also has WooCommerce support so you can easily shop on-line, adding to your video site or selling subscription. Video Place is another WordPress video blogs theme with a sleek look and a nice presentation of your YouTube video. YouTube video is displayed on the homepage as a miniature view and shows your most recent video as it is shown above.

SuperStar is a contemporary WordPress theme for musical, video and events sites. Comes with an integrated video artwork, picture gallery, sound cloud play list and full WooCommerce capability. Entertainments is a classy WordPress theme that can be used for entertaining, video and performance art web sites. Allows you to create a homepage with a simple module based design.

Provides support for video mail formats, HTML5 video, video embeddings, photogalleries, etc. Designed for multi-lingual sites with WPML and comes with shortcuts and user-defined Widgets. The Relive is a beautiful WordPress theme that can be used for photographs, video blogging, and story-telling web pages. Allows you to add video, audio, photos and cards to your items in a beautiful way.

Magazineinum is a nice WordPress theme in Magazin-type for video-sites. Video thumbnail support and built-in contents control. There is a user-defined video widget that you can use to display current video in the Sidebar. Magazineinum comes in two colour layouts and an easy-to-use theme option pane.

The TUBE is a free WordPress video theme specifically developed for video blogs, filmmakers and video creators. Comes with its own accompanying plugin that lets you create nice video sites with ease. This homepage has a grid-based design that displays the video previews in a clearly visible manner. A WordPress video theme for creating your own video website.

Provides high-performance customisation capabilities and supports video embedding, HTML 5 video, and video thumbnailing. And it comes with several mail sizes with video and a variety of adjustment possibilities. It is a very advanced WordPress video theme with an integrated video libraries area. Featuring a highly realistic look with beautiful controls, large headers and various layouts available.

Comes with an event area, picture gallery, community service content, poststatics and a variety of customisation possibilities. An attractive video blogs theme, Vidiho comes with a large slide control on the home page so you can view your video in HD. The other great thing is that when you click on a video miniature, the video in the posting opens in a pop-up window of the whiteboard.

Besides, it comes with many premier theme functions like shortcuts, page lays, widgets and even more. The OS is a free WordPress video theme. It' a children's theme of Twenty Fourteen and was developed to transform its magazinestyle lay-out into a video album.

It comes with its own accompanying plugin that includes video shortcut, video mail types, and video assistance. NET works with YouTube and Vimeo embedding, HTML5 video in MP34 formats, video from distant memory service. Filmmaking is a WordPress theme to create your own movie website right now. Comes with a built-in movie mailstream that allows you to create films on your website simply by genre and topic.

There are several layouts available, over 80 shortcuts and user-defined layouts for your blogs, galleries and info pages. Video Blogs is a free WordPress video-themed type magazin. Shows your contents above and the contributions from the 5 chosen catagories in a nice raster. Support third-party plug-ins for video slideshows, postings, and so on.

is a WordPress staple theme perfectly suited for high-impact Web pages, video Web pages, and blogging. There is also a light box pop-up to show your gallery and video. It' extremely adaptable and comes with full WooCommerce functionality. The Black Flag is a versatile WordPress theme for games, video and magazines webpages.

There are several layouts, a gorgeous contents control, and several colour scheme choices. There comes with a TV page that presents all your video on a unique page with various layouts on it. Provides full video embedding and HTML5 video embedding capabilities. Another great free WordPress theme with a truly versatile look, Mesmerize is able to elegantly edit video.

You can also use it to create video wallpapers, slide shows, headers, grade overlay, and more. Hopefully this item has help you find the WordPress video theme that' fits your website perfectly. Also you can see our ultimative WordPress stepstep by steps WordPress scrub leader for WordPress newcomers. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorial if you liked this one.

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