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Wordpress video portfolio theme

Wildcards - Photo & Video Portfolio WordPress Theme by Monkeysan This is a professional designed wordpress theme for photos and videos. With a multitude of different designs you can present your work to your customers and prospects as well! It contains all necessary artwork and animations to build a high quality portfolio website, either for your company or for yourself. Fast reacting and retina-compatible lay-out; pre-loader and stunning css animation;

cross-browser interoperability (IE9+); woocommerce prepare; WPML prepare; retina prepare; mega-customizable portfolio and alboms VC element; visually reordering works; verticals and horizontals menu;

Thirteen homepage design options (full-screen sliders, revolution sliders, ribbon sliders, brick scrapbooks, grid scrapbooks, brick portfolio, grid portfolio, Kenburns, bricks, grid walls, 3D-effect background images, background Youtube video, background Vimeo video); Scroll revolution; dropdown list; 5 different miniature view hyper style; grid and bricklayer portfolio; full width portfolio designs, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns; portfolio page isotope included; 9 portfolio mail designs; 3 blogs;

Includes 3 blogs posts layout; short codes (banners, roundabouts, tabbed pages, switches, encoding, route section, button, block quotes, table, alerts, lists, form, testimonial, alerts, progression bars, price charts, drop caps, soft symbols etc.)

Top 10+ Video Portfolio WordPress Topics - Premium WordPress Topics, Plugins & Tutorials

We' ve already looked at so many portfolio topics, but for the imaginative head, a nice and well-designed website is never enough. Portfolio is a necessary item that must be included on your website, even if you have a company or blogs. We bring you some of the best topics from the video portfolio today.

is a simple and classy WordPress blogs theme. Your portfolio dash screen's individual page break options are somewhat limited according to your work. Thanks to its reactive designs, users could see all facets of your website clearly on even the smallest touchmonitor. It has been developed using one of the most sophisticated HTML5 techniques to integrate all kinds of hi-tech functions, including full-screen slideshows, slideshows with sound properties and the Revolution Slider plug-in for nice and fun slider.

Several functions/plugins: different types of header, portfolio grids, services page, lightbox, scorch speed, airtight protection, user protection, user interface, WordPress professional voice over. Slide Theme is the new way of creation with WordPress. Using this tool, you can directly modify the page without the hassle of update maintenance.

Slide theme is now the first Wordpress theme that gives you the notion of using Photoshop when building with it. Watch slide show here for more details on this stunning new builders show. Several functions/plugins: dragging and dropping items and blanks, text editing on line, make changes over time, page-to-page communications, pre-defined items and contents breaks, collaborative builders, headers builders, annotated video tutorials, lightboxes, image editing, image editing, Apple video, WPML, non-splash pictures, text editing, gallery editing, new advanced look.

Quartz, AppleĀ® Live Photos, color transitions superimpose wallpapers, vindicate art gallery, instant diagram-inspired photofilters, new blend backgrounds, posts posting messages, web page creators, creation of headers. {\pos (192,210)}You can read the reviews we did for the slide theme here. There is a really beautiful portfolio look with a one-of-a-kind ability to upload portfolio item with a scroll bar driven by a scroll scrollbar and Ajax to upload item without page update.

It is a suitable theme for all types of photo sites, from photo studio to bridal boutique photographer, from fanciful and freelance to the most resourceful photographer ever. Thanks to the lattice reacting to bootstrap, the theme looks good with any tools. Functions/Plugins: unparalleled portfoliolider, advanced technology, AJAX store, good quality slide, returnable, extremely reactive, extremely adaptable, WPML, interactive map, 7-layer PSDs, available as XML imports.

Beautiful, extraordinary visual breathtaking as well as singular, finely balanced and also challenging, graphic polish and also progressive, high performance, reactive, innovating theme, a particular theme that actually consists of 28+ pre-built demonstrations to fulfill every kingdom of specific website visualization. The theme offers surprising paragraphs of palladium and background that are perfect for a professionally designed website.

Using the advanced Setup Wizard, you can easily add theme and demonstration files, plus faders and plug-ins, with just one click! A few features/plugins: double side bar, parallel and hyperlinks, animation, text effect, many widgets and shortcuts, icon, drag und drop frontted builders, WPML support, setup wizard cutting-edge setup, high power, fast tuning, RTL, woocommerce, speech enhancement, mailchimp, video animation tools, video narration tools, transitions, custom ElleThemes slide, 5-star theme.

Maybe you should have a look at the reviews we did for The Simpl Theme, here. More than 4 portfolio demonstrations and some creativity studio demonstrations are available so you can select the one that best fits your needs. Several functions/plugins: para-lax, Ayax and Java animation and page load, WPML, SOE, woocommerce, video Tutorials, advanced documentations, customized side bars, slider and mail type, infinite colour variation, high-performance administration panels, high-performance bootstrap creation, accountability, high performance, CCS3, real-time customization, advanced full-screen section, multi-media background partitions.

Every part of the portfolio is displayed in a light box when you click on it and can then be enlarged up to a full image. This is a 100% reactive site and is encoded with HTML5/CSS3 validations. Stack it is another theme that is destined for imaginative employees, but it can be used in any kind of different other areas.

This full-width headers slide control has a range of call-to-action switches that welcome clients for a much more in-depth exploration of the topic. This topic contains the WooCommerce combinations and also a WooCommerceer. A few features/plugins: page layouts, 100% liquid, background, sidebars, portfolio, e-commerce, returnable, retinal prepared, preview, bbPress, buddyPress, pure coding, lightweightbox, SEO, WPML, many built-in plugs, rejax and query transition, many happy clients.

Built around three fundamental concepts: accessibility, mobile and touch-friendly styles, and foreground materials, Joker is a good choice whether you're creating a website, portfolio, or blogs. mo document has actually become much simpler now! The topic is fully reactive and looks amazing on any kind of tools like iPad, iPhone and even Android phones.

A few features/plugins: RTL, various galleries layout, portfolioumbnail layout, hidden style, voocommerce, PSD inclusive, open galleries, SVG motion symbols, font feeder, great documentary. Milan is a clear, minimalistic and contemporary WordPress theme that focuses mainly on portfolio style. You' re the creator, while the theme designers ensure that you create the right website infrastructures, all in the front end of your website.

Many stylish portals and sophisticated layout features are available, giving you a great choice of additional choices. Provides a minimum styling for voocommerce sites, a minimum styling for bricklayer portfolio and a minimum styling for blogs, Drag & Drops page builders, interactivity and page transition.

Several functions/plugins: page transitions, filter, thumbnails, overflow, soft scrolling, heroes' area, neat coding, detailled documentations, interactivity. Potassium offers you an ultra simple yet imaginative way to make your website work in no time at all. There is a strong theme option control panel that lets you customize the theme to suit your needs.

It' s amazing features can be used to improve the websites of agents and creatives. The potassium theme has a portfolio that can be adjusted to any type of grating or masonry. Potassium portfolio choices are simple to use with a bespoke pull and drag build and a user-defined task build.

A few features/plugins: challenging, sleek styling, RTL, WPML, auto update, Weiner and Nominated Writer awards, 10,000+ lucky clients, unparalleled portfolio style, dribble portfolio, Ayax car, woocommerce, breathtaking hover effect, smooth, high-speed, 5-star technical supports, parallel axis, Ayax-lysy load. The Reel Story is a fully reactive artwork with a shallow and neat lay-out.

It' a portfolio Wordpress theme that is willing to change your web presence! There has also been great popularity of combining different types of networks, but it has its own popularity evaluation system that could be used by clients to evaluate your pictures, video clip and other contents. The Reel Story is the right theme for any author who wants to present their work in a stylish manner.

Several functions/plugins: returnable, built-in layout, UniSon frameworks, creation of pages visually, translatable, call forms engine, extended SOE, kid theme, rough codes, slideshow, paraLax, BuddyPress, bbPress. The Oberon is a singular theme for businesses, consultants, graphic artists, graphic artists, graphic artists, digitizers, digital photography professionals or blogs who want a simple, neat and appealing website experience.

It' s completely reactive, seamless computer animation, 3D (and 2D) shift effect, a choice of 18 pre-built stores, the ability to create unlimited slideshow-carrousels, video embeddings, a high performance api, and all this in addition to a highly efficient code base that will surely customize all the features together in an ultra scaleable set-up.

Incorporates a great Visual Composer and allows you to create web pages using drag & drop. A few features/plugins: inside pages, blogsheets, user-defined shortcuts, parallel axis, tweets, picture merge shortcuts, edit sliders, slideshow motion type, expand headers, page area, anchors, tweets widge, motion, WPML, whereocommerce. This is a lay-out that is used by free-lance artists, college kids, photography enthusiasts, musicians, pros, and any kind of artists who want a flawless, original theme.

Using the image gallery and full-screen slide controls, Adios Theme gives your website an extra boost to establish your website beyond the usual portfolio sites on the web. A few features/plugins: quick load, rapid load, slide, SEO, pull & fall theme, customized slide control, full frame character grid, translatable, video tutorials, PSD, price charts, uniquely designed blogs and portfolio layout, section scrolling, isotopic plug-in, more than 700 Google scripts, portfolio ladder, blogsliders.

It is a neat and easy topic that is great for agents, portfolio managers and small businesses who want to understand the nature of their organization on a single page. It is a 5-star customer evaluation topic, with good customer feedback, good customer service and good customer-friendliness. It' also packed with an intrinsic raster that displays profile, blogs, galleries, WooCommerce and even spreadsheets in a very adaptable raster.

Not only is this topic ideal for agents, developer, freelancer and professionals, but also for all those who want to present their portfolio on-line. You can access your website from any kind of notebook, desk, tablet computer or cell telephone. Web site manager was able to view high resolution video and images thanks to the highly reactive portfolio grids.

Several functions/plugins: portfolio filter sorting, second picture, cleaner codes, performance optimisation, many shortcuts, video and sound embedding, cleaner designs, cleaner codes, WPML, advancedEO.

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